Winter Essentials Every Man Should Own

Written by Marc | 31/01/2020


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Keeping warm this January is on everyone’s mind lately. So what should men wear in winter? We admit we’ve talked about coats and boots a lot this year, but with the weather getting worse not better, we want to provide those last minute tips to help you stay warm throughout the coldest months of the year.

From accessories to smart layering, there’s a lot you can do to keep the frost at bay. Here are our 5 winter essentials for men’s clothing, and the easy way to keep warm this winter.

Gloves, Hats & Scarfs

Gloves, hats and scarfs are often forgotten, lost or simply ignored. They can feel chunky and childish and often will ruin an outfit. That’s why we recommend you go for a matching set that will only add to what you’re wearing. Not only can your scarfs and gloves keep you warm, but they can look great too.

  1. Gloves: For a more sophisticated look try a pair of premium wool gloves in black or grey. They’ll match with everything and won’t look scruffy.
  2. Hats: A beanie is a practical and easy option when it comes to hats. You can also take a more playful approach with your head wear and go for bright colours like red or orange. Hats can easily become the centrepiece of your outdoor-wear if you feel like going loud.
  3. Scarfs: When it comes to scarfs, try to make them match your gloves. We have a number of glove and scarf kits here.

man in scarf

Smart Layering

Winter is all about layering your clothes until it’s difficult to bend your elbows. Jumpers are essential for keeping warm this winter. Coming in a variety of styles, you can either make an impact with your designer jumpers or stick to neutral tones like black, grey and blue so you can wear your favourite jumper with most outfits. Layer up with a vest and a shirt underneath. If you’re wearing a shirt under your jumper make sure the collar looks neat above and matches. Go for a crew neck jumper to make layering easy.

man wearing jumper

Flannel Shirts

100% cotton shirts are much softer and warmer than thinner, summer shirts. A flannel shirt is therefore perfect for winter months and great for layering. You can wear your flannel shirt smart-casual for work with a pair of beige chinos and smart shoes, or make things more casual and roll your sleeves up with a pair of jeans. Either way, cotton is the way to go when it’s cold out.

men wearing flannel

Tough Boots

We love designer trainers more than anything, but they might not be the best option when it’s cold and wet outside. That’s why you need to invest in a pair of tough boots. Chukka boots will look smart and keep your toes warm no matter what the weather. Designer brands that are great for boots include Timberland, Barbour and Grenson.

Timbelrand Boots


A Stylish Parka

Finally, your main piece to combat the cold should definitely be a weather-ready parka. Tough and stylish, stick to earthy tones like green and brown to match that winter weather and ensure you can wear your trusty parka with everything. Or go bold and pick a bright red or orange to really help your coat stand out; this is a great look, but you need to keep the rest of your outfit subdued in order for it to work.

A parajumper coat hanging on a hanger in a grey room

Find some more tips on winter outfits men look great in and plan your wardrobe with Mainline Menswear.


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