Raise Your Game

Written by Dan | 28/06/2021



Raise Your Game



Sport is back! The moment everyone has been patiently waiting for has arrived. Euro 2020, Wimbledon, athletics, cricket and more have returned after a painfully long hiatus.

To celebrate sport finally coming home (sorry), Mainline Menswear’s new campaign showcases brands and garments which take inspiration from the sporting world. Clothing that looks equally at home on or off the pitch, court, field or track.Man dressed in white sitting down on a tennis court

Keep your look fresh with some of the biggest sport-inspired brands and honour your inner athlete with outfits drawing inspiration from all things sport. There’s something at Mainline Menswear for everyone, from BOSS Athleisure training gear to classic Fred Perry tennis polos and retro adidas Originals sportswear.


A man dressed in BOSS clothing in front of some steps

Urban styles with a sportswear twist

If you’re more of a ‘watcher’ than a ‘player’, don’t worry. The slick, urban designs featured are equally perfect for big-screen action in the local. What better way to represent than to get involved?

Oh, and don’t forget the footwear! We’re showcasing the latest drops from sporty big hitters like Nike, Lacoste and adidas Originals to keep the spring in your step.

Find your sporty, Summer vibe with Mainline Menswear and raise your game!


A man wearing adidas Originals sits in stadium seating



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