The Worst Style Mistakes That Make Men Look Older

Written by Marc | 01/01/2021


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It’s all well and good being a Dad but dressing like a Dad is a whole other sport. People constantly make simple style mistakes that make them look older than they are. Now there’s nothing wrong with becoming a silver fox, but some men can make the tragic mistake of dressing older than their age.

We’re going to share with you some of the worst fashion mistakes men can make, and list why they make you look older than you are. Sit back and try to appear youthful as we find the nice middle ground between dressing too young and dressing too old.

Hilarious T-shirts

We accept that your kids might have bought you this for Father’s Day, but they’re not really that acceptable to wear out of the house if you want to look your age. Those silly slogan T-shirts aren’t exactly cool, and they won’t help you land the Dad jokes any better. It can be easy to think a playful t-shirt will give you a bit of a youthful vibe, but really it adds the years on and you look a bit too try-hard.

Instead of kicking about in the clothing equivalent of a bumper sticker about what your ‘other ride’ is, maybe opt for something more subtle? Less over the top and more serious is the way to go. A subtle T-shirt might not save your receding hairline, but it will shave a few years off how old you look. Sorry kids, your Dad’s “If found please return to the pub” T-shirt isn’t going to leave the house again, you’ll thank us later though.

“But They’re Just So Comfy on The Walk to Work” Trainers

You know the sort, the last person to dive through the train doors when they’re beeping, first to shove you out the way when they open again, probably carrying an overly large bag, a nifty fold up bike and definitely wearing a pair of ugly running trainers. A set of running spikes away from being the commuter’s version of Mo Farah, this look is not alright. What’s the point in getting that suit nice and crisp before work if you’re going to make yourself look a bit silly with a pair of ugly running trainers? Admittedly, they’re probably very comfy but you look SO OLD.

Ditch the running trainers, and if you want to be comfy on the daily commute, find yourself a pair of plain white sneakers- they go with suits surprisingly well and they’ll add a bit of youth to your walk to work. If you really want to shave that age off your dress sense, go for a cropped fitted suit trouser with the white sneaker combination, and that way you won’t even have to tuck your trousers into your socks when you get back on your fixie.

White Adidas Trainers

Badly Fitting Clothes

One of the fastest ways to age yourself is slipping into a pair of baggy bootcut jeans paired with a skintight beer-belly hugging polo shirt. Wearing clothes that don’t fit you properly looks as though you’ve opted for an economically careful dress sense where you just won’t buy new clothes, even though your body shape may have changed.

Our sage advice is: if your clothes don’t fit, then don’t bother wearing them, simple. Trousers that come up to your chest? Nah, not a chance. Find clothes that fit you properly, and you’ll knock those Grandad “make do and mend” outfit choices right on the head.

A CP Company hoodie in black

Too Much Black

Wearing too much black can make you look way older than you are. Aside from looking like a Bond villain, you are at risk of removing all youth when you remove every drop of cover from your outfit. Keep some colour in your outfit, or at least be tonal. Too much black will make others think you’re in a period of mourning- and they’ll assume its mourning about the loss of your youth.

Billionaire Boys Club Rugy Polo Shirt in yellow, red and blue

Too Young Is Too Much

Remember that one of the things that can really draw attention to your age, and age you even further is dressing far too young. When you find yourself shopping and the people either side of you are teenage boys, you’re maybe in the wrong shop? Overly tight skinny jeans when you’re knocking on the door of 50 might draw a bit too much attention to the fact, you’re trying to act young – and age you even further! We fully believe everyone should wear what they want to wear, but try to avoid the old ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ routine.

A stack of designer clothes

Just remind yourself that growing up and growing old is a part of life and give yourself a bit of consciousness when it comes to your wardrobe. There comes a time when you’re probably going to have to give up some of your favourite brands, or fit of jeans, but embrace these whilst you can and don’t wish away your youth (or what is left of it) by dressing too old! Finally, remember that age is just a nu-REALLY important aspect when picking out your next outfit.


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