Rambling with Lyle and Scott

Written by Dan | 06/12/2022


Winter 22

For Winter 22 Lyle and Scott has been inspired by the British tradition of rambling. The understanding of rambling is wide open spaces and long country walks; however, this season they have looked to refresh this ideal.

For the inner-city dweller, rambling is about reimagining the familiar, retracing well-known steps but allowing oneself to interact with industrial surroundings in a less hard-hitting fashion.

A man leans against a wall in Lyle & Scott clothes

The collection focuses on workwear style codes and durable fabrications, contextualised in contemporary silhouettes. Highs and low fibres with subtle textures embed the range with the outdoors, whilst accessible silhouettes suggest a dress-easy approach. Ambiguous patterns are suggestive of the uniformity of city architecture, with highlight colours enhancing a subdued colour palette.

A man wearing Lyle & Scott


As a company that started out making knitwear over 140 years ago, Lyle & Scott are experts in crafting high-quality men’s knitted jumpers and cardigans. This is knitwear for smart and casual occasions alike, so it’s no wonder that Lyle & Scott knitwear can be found in wardrobes across the world.

A man wearing Lyle & Scott clothing

From classic pieces, like the Men’s Crew Neck Lambswool Blend Jumper, to more contemporary pieces, such as the Knitted Hoodie, there is a piece of Lyle & Scott knitwear for every taste and occasion.



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