Reboot Your Wardrobe: Step Into Style

Written by Dan | 01/11/2023


We’re about to mix a touch of nostalgia with a dash of high-tech and a whole lot of fashion. Excited? You should be! We’re thrilled to unveil our latest campaign, “Step Into Style”.

Get ready to embark on a journey that transcends time and trends. Stay tuned – we’re just getting started. Please take a moment to watch our captivating new TV spot:



Achievement Unlocked!

Our latest campaign, “Step Into Style,” combines the retro charm of 8-bit visuals with ultra-modern backdrops, creating an immersive, visually stunning experience that transcends the ordinary.

The 8-bit aesthetic evokes feelings of nostalgia and simplicity. Paired with CGI, it creates a unique blend of old and new that captures the essence of Mainline Menswear’s mission: to bring a touch of classic style into the modern world.

Meet the Power Players

Let’s pause and meet the brands that are about to take your style game to the next level:

Armani Exchange: A powerhouse in the fashion world, Armani Exchange brings a dose of sleek Italian style to our campaign. Known for their minimalist design and quality fabrics, this brand is all about making a statement without saying a word. In the “Step Into Style” video, you’ll see how Armani Exchange pieces effortlessly blend with our high-tech CGI environment, proving that great style is timeless.



Belstaff: If rugged elegance is your thing, then Belstaff is your brand. With a legacy rooted in British motorcycling culture, Belstaff infuses durability with style. You’ll see their iconic jackets featured in our campaign, bringing an edge to our 8-bit world and showing that true style can tackle any terrain.



Fred Perry: The epitome of British cool. Effortlessly combining sportswear with streetwear, this brand has been a staple in men’s wardrobes since the ’50s. Their iconic polo shirts add a certain something to our “Step Into Style” campaign, reminding us that classic never goes out of fashion.



Marshall Artist: Here’s where modern tailoring meets urban culture. Marshall Artist is all about innovative design, and their inclusion reflects our own commitment to pushing boundaries. Their cutting-edge pieces blend seamlessly with our campaign backdrop, showing that style and technology are a match made in heaven.



Paul Smith: Next up, we have Paul Smith. Known for his creative aesthetic that blends tradition with modernity, Paul Smith’s designs bring a playful twist to our campaign. Look out for the brand’s signature striped pieces, adding a dash of whimsy to our digital world.



Lyle & Scott: Lyle & Scott adds a dash of charm to our lineup. Known for their knitwear and golfing attire, they infuse a hint of tradition into our futuristic world. Their pieces in our campaign are a testament to the fact that style and comfort can indeed go hand-in-hand.


A man dressed in a Lyle & Scott jacket


Six iconic brands, one groundbreaking campaign. Each brings its unique style ethos to our “Step Into Style” video, showcasing how diverse and dynamic men’s fashion can be.

In the world of Mainline Menswear, you’re always Player One. 





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