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Written by Dan | 11/12/2023


Brand Focus


We’re thrilled to showcase Parajumpers. This brand is not just a name; it’s an emblem of luxurious outerwear that seamlessly merges fashion with functionality. Drawing inspiration from the real-life Parajumpers of Anchorage, Alaska, the brand infuses its collections with the essence of their thrilling adventures.

Brave the Elements

Imagine strolling down the street on a frosty morning, cocooned in the warmth of a Parajumpers jacket. You’re not just combating the cold—you’re doing it with style. That’s what Parajumpers brings to Mainline: a collection that combines comfort with class.


A man standing in a crowd wearing a Parajumpers jacket

Parajumpers: Where Luxury Meets Function

What does luxury feel like? It’s the snug embrace of a perfectly tailored jacket. The admiring glances you attract as you stroll through the city in a Parajumpers masterpiece.

Our Parajumpers collection showcases a range of outerwear with exceptional quality and unparalleled style. From classic cuts to contemporary designs, we’ve got it all, and trust us—they look fantastic!

But Parajumpers isn’t just about the jackets. A look beyond their outerwear reveals an extensive selection of other menswear staples, each promising the same blend of luxury and functionality. Whether you’re in need of a crisp, well-cut T-shirt for a casual outing or a cosy jumper for those chilly evenings, Parajumpers has got you.


People dressed for cold weather in Parajumpers coats

Variety is the Spice of Style

Whether you fancy the timeless appeal of the ‘Last Minute’ jacket or lean towards the edgy allure of the ‘Celcius’ bomber, we’ve got you covered (quite literally). The Parajumpers collection offers an assortment of styles, fits, and fabrics to cater to every preference.

And the best part? We celebrate individuality. No matter your size or style, you’ll find something that fits you perfectly.

Join the Parajumpers Revolution

Stay fashionable, stay warm. Dive into the world of Mainline Menswear and experience the Parajumpers revolution. 


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