Introducing Sandbanks

Written by Dan | 16/12/2023


Brand Focus


We’re excited to introduce you to our newest brand addition, Sandbanks. It’s not just a fashion brand – it’s a lifestyle choice.

Born from a burning desire to combat our planet’s environmental challenges head-on, Sandbanks is redefining luxury fashion. They’re not just making clothes – they’re safeguarding our future.

How, you ask? Well, their products are almost entirely crafted from recycled and regenerated materials. Yes, you heard that right – your stylish new Sandbanks jacket might just contain post-consumer plastic waste that was once sullying our oceans and landfills.


A man wearing a Sandbanks jacket outside

Sustainable Luxury

Sandbanks doesn’t compromise on quality for sustainability. They’ve made a vow: if a product can’t be made sustainably and responsibly, it simply won’t be made.

They’ve teamed up with big names like Econyl, Seaquel, Polartec, Thermore, and Lampo, among others. These partners provide access to top-shelf sustainable fabrics and components, allowing Sandbanks to keep improving and embracing the latest in green innovation.

The longevity of Sandbanks products is a key focus. They’re tackling waste head-on by using superior components and manufacturing methods. Plus, all their garments are made in Europe by highly skilled craftspeople who share their environmental and ethical ethos.

But wait, there’s more! Sandbanks is a carbon-neutral and climate-positive brand. They use Ecologi to offset their carbon emissions at every stage of the garment journey, from design to delivery. One tree is planted for every garment produced. And animal lovers, rejoice! Sandbanks has a strict zero real fur and down policy.


A man standing in the hills wearing a long Sandbanks coat

Why all this focus on #SustainableLuxury?

Well, let’s face it, our thirst for more, more, more is taking a toll on Mother Earth. Consumption culture, particularly in the fashion industry, is contributing to climate change, the plastic epidemic, and unethical practices.

But Sandbanks is here to change the game. They’re challenging the norm, offering stylish, sustainable alternatives that don’t compromise on luxury or ethics. So, let’s make a toast to Sandbanks – for caring about our planet just as much as they care about style. The future of fashion is here, gents, and it’s looking greener than ever!


Discover Sandbanks at Mainline Menswear



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