Paul and Shark: A Father and Son Tale

Written by Dan | 02/11/2023


Brand Focus

Paul and Shark

Since its beginnings, Paul & Shark has been synonymous with excellence in quality and manufacturing. What started as a mill called Maglificio Dacò, founded in 1921, transformed into a global lifestyle brand under the ownership of Gian Ludovico Dini. With a focus on every aspect of production, from sourcing yarns to creating fabrics and packaging, Paul & Shark quickly gained recognition worldwide.

In the early 1970s, Paolo (Paul) Dini, Gian Ludovico’s son, stumbled upon a sail from an old 18th-century clipper during a visit to a sailmaker’s workshop in Maine. The sail, inscribed with the words “Paul & Shark,” captivated his attention and sparked a new beginning for the brand.

Today, the brand defines outdoor elegance inspired by the ocean. It has become a lifestyle and responsible brand, attracting those who appreciate Italian style and the high performance of technical materials.


Pierce Brosnan and his son walking through an Italian village


Inspired by the World of Yachting

In the mid-1970s, Paul & Shark made a bold move by entering the sports fashion business with a collection inspired by the world of yachting. This marked the brand’s expansion into outdoor life, performance, and elegance, captivating the hearts of stylish individuals who sought both functionality and sophistication.

A true icon was born in 1978: the legendary C0P918 pullover. This sailing sweater, packaged in a versatile metal container used on boats, became a symbol of Paul & Shark’s distinctive style. The water-repellent sweater gained immediate success, leading to the creation of an entire collection of water-repellent knitwear.

Further elevating their brand identity, Paul & Shark enlisted none other than Pierce Brosnan and his son Paris as ambassadors for their latest campaign. The charismatic father and son duo embody the luxurious yet adventurous spirit of the brand, effortlessly showcasing its timeless appeal.

The campaign was beautifully captured amidst the picturesque Tuscan hills, a setting that mirrors the brand’s appreciation for natural beauty and Italian elegance. These stunning photographs reflect not only the quality and style synonymous with Paul & Shark but also offer a glimpse into the intimate and relatable bond of father and son.


Pierce Brosnan and son wear Paul & Shark

The Spirit of The Sea

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