Celebrating a Century of Style with Belstaff

Written by Dan | 01/03/2024



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Here at Mainline Menswear, we’re raising a glass to a brand that’s stood the test of time and has been at the forefront of British fashion for an entire century – Belstaff.

Belstaff began its journey in 1924 in Stoke-on-Trent, founded by Eli Belovitch and his son-in-law Harry Grosberg. The pair had a simple mission – to create all-weather jackets that were both practical and stylish. And boy, did they deliver! From humble beginnings, the brand became the epitome of cool British outerwear.


A man wearing a Belstaff coat and cap


The brand didn’t just rest on its laurels after creating the perfect all-weather jacket. Belstaff continued to innovate, producing waterproof garments for the British Military in WWII and continuously pursuing fabric technology innovations for outerwear.

Today, Belstaff is renowned for creating timeless clothes and accessories for adventurers, building a legacy based on speed and style. For moving people forward and equipping them for life’s pursuits.

One thing is at the heart of all of these endeavours: an independent spirit. Favoured by renegades and novel thinkers, the brand’s community has a collective need to do things differently.


A man wearing Belstaff


It’s not just about rugged outerwear. Belstaff also has a strong presence in the world of men’s fashion, with tailored shirts, knitwear, and denim pieces that exude effortless style. And let’s not forget their iconic leather jackets.

So, as we celebrate Belstaff’s hundred-year milestone, we invite you to become part of this rich history. Mainline Menswear is proud to stock a wide range of Belstaff clothing, from their iconic all-weather jackets to smart T shirts and stylish accessories.

Why not add a piece of fashion history to your wardrobe? Shop the collection now and join us in celebrating a century of style. Here’s to another hundred years of Belstaff!




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