Reviving Retro: Vintage Trends Making a Comeback

Written by Dan | 27/02/2024


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If you’ve been longing for the golden days of tracksuits and polo shirts, you’re in luck. We’ve seen a massive resurgence of vintage trends. A boatload of 80s and 90s men’s fashion styles, which look better than ever!

A retro-style grey tracksuit from Nike


Retro Style Tracksuits

Remember those cool and comfy tracksuits we used to rock back in the day? Well, they’re not just for gym sessions or lazy Sundays anymore. Loungewear has taken on a whole new meaning in the fashion world. Brands like adidas and Lacoste are reviving the good old tracksuit, giving it a modern twist while keeping its nostalgic charm intact.  So next time you’re heading out for a casual day, throw on a tracksuit and be ready to turn heads.

BOSS Lounge Hooded Tracksuit

BOSS Lounge Hooded Tracksuit


Lacoste Full Zip Hooded Tracksuit

Lacoste Full-Zip Hooded Tracksuit


Classic Polo Shirts

And let’s not forget about the vintage-style polo shirts – a timeless classic that never really went out of style. Brands like Fred Perry and Ralph Lauren are proudly representing the iconic polo, complete with bold colours and patterns, reminding us why we loved them in the first place.


Fred Perry Twin Tipped Polo Shirt

Fred Perry Twin Tipped Polo Shirt


BOSS Paddy Pro Polo Shirt

BOSS Paddy Pro Polo Shirt


Vintage-inspired Track Tops

But the retro revival doesn’t stop there. Remember those sports-inspired tracksuit tops that were all the rage? They’re back and better than ever thanks to the likes of retro maestros like Fila and Sergio Tacchini. Whether you’re an old fan looking to relive your youth or a newbie wanting to try out some vintage trends, these brands have got your back!


Ellesse Rimini Track Top

Ellesse Rimini Track Top


Fila Vintage Gavin Zip Track Top

Fila Vintage Gavin Track Top


Retro Style Trainers

No retro look is complete without a pair of vintage-style trainers that are bursting back onto the scene! Maybe you remember the pride of lacing up those chunky, colourful sneakers before heading out to meet friends or catch a movie. Today, huge names like Nike, with their ever-popular Air Max line, and Reebok with the nostalgic revival of their Classics are leading the charge in this stylish blast from the past.


Nike Air Pegasus 89 Trainers

Nike Air Pegasus 89 Trainers


adidas Originals Gazelle Trainers

adidas Originals Gazelles Trainers


The beauty of these throwback kicks? They’re incredibly versatile. Whether you’re sporting slim-fit jeans or rocking those staple tracksuits we’ve been raving about, a good pair of vintage trainers can elevate your look from ‘just out the door’ to ‘streetwear savvy.’ So why not slip into a pair of these comfortable yet chic icons and step out in style—trust us, your feet will thank you for the fashionable walk down memory lane.


Retro style Levis jeans


And the best part? You can find all these vintage-inspired items right here at Mainline Menswear. We’ve got a wide range of men’s designer clothing, footwear, and accessories that cater to every style and budget.  Go ahead and confidently embrace the retro trend, because, let’s face it, everything old is new again.  Let us help you stay stylish and comfortable while paying homage to the past – a win-win situation.

So why not take a trip down memory lane and embrace the retro revival? Check out our collection and find your perfect retro fit.

And remember, fashion is not just about following trends; it’s about making a statement. So bring out the retro enthusiast in you and rock the vintage look with Mainline Menswear!


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