Why Choose Mainline Menswear?

Written by Dan | 01/01/2024


Have you ever wondered where you can find a vast array of men’s designer clothes all under one roof? Well, your quest ends here at Mainline Menswear. Here’s why we should be your go-to destination for all things fashion.

Our Rich History

Mainline Menswear isn’t just a brand; it’s a journey that started way back in 2002 in the seaside town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire. From a small shop, we’ve grown into one of the UK’s leading online men’s fashion retailers. We’ve been serving up the latest and greatest in men’s fashion through our user-friendly website since 2004. We now ship premium menswear around the world!

A man wearing a Tommy Hilfiger jumper

Incredible Choice of Top Brands

Whether you’re a trendsetter, a fashion-forward kind of guy, or just someone looking for comfy everyday wear, we’ve got you covered. From Armani Exchange to Vivienne Westwood, our extensive menswear A-Z caters to men of all ages and budgets. We keep our stocks updated regularly to keep you in tune with the latest trends.

Free UK Delivery

We don’t want anything to stand in between you and your new clothes so we’ve introduced free UK delivery on all orders over £40!  Whether you’re buying a single t-shirt or a full outfit, we’ll deliver it to your doorstep for free. And with our fast shipping options, you won’t have to wait long to start showing off your new wardrobe.


A Wardrobe for Every Occasion

At Mainline Menswear, we’re not just about providing clothes; we’re about curating a lifestyle. We’re like that best friend who always knows exactly what you should wear, no matter the occasion.

Looking for a casual tee for a laid-back weekend? Our collection of T-shirts is practically an art gallery of wearable creativity. Prepping for a chilly evening? Our jumpers are the perfect blend of cosy and stylish. Need to make an impression at a business meeting or a fancy dinner? Our selection of shirts and jackets ranges from suave to dapper, leaving no room for fashion faux pas.

And let’s not forget our jeans – the trusty sidekick to many an outfit, ready to add that touch of effortless cool. Whether you’re dressing up for date night, gearing up for game night, or suiting up for a sales pitch, Mainline Menswear has got you covered, literally!

Customer Service That Cares

We understand how crucial it is to get your order just right and delivered on time. That’s why we’re obsessed with offering reliable fulfilment. But don’t just take our word for it; our glowing customer reviews speak volumes about our commitment to you, our valued customer. Our friendly, helpful customer service team is always ready to assist with any queries, from sizing questions to delivery methods and everything in between.

Every Detail Matters

At Mainline Menswear, every process is a labour of love. From photographing our products in-house with high-quality equipment to hand-packaging each item in our warehouse, we make sure what you see online is exactly what you get. We believe that every part of our business plays a vital role in providing you with an unbeatable shopping experience.

Three designer trainers in a stack


So, are you ready to up your fashion game with Mainline Menswear? Hop on over to our website, browse through our extensive collection, and let’s make you look even more fabulous! No matter what your style, we have something for you. And remember, our customer service team is just a click away if you need any help.

Don’t wait any longer; your image upgrade is just a click away at Mainline Menswear!



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