Summer is finally here and with it a whole new set of questions for what you can wear to the office. Is that Hawaiian shirt inappropriate? Do I really have to wear a blazer when it’s this hot? Can you wear flip flops to the office? Today we’re going to concentrate on that final question […]

Netflix is a renowned power in creating binge-inducing shows and Stranger Things was no exception. Joe Keery stars as the popular guy turned babysitter, Steve Harrington, who quickly stole the Stranger Things heart-throb crown. Having played a more prominent role from the beginning of Season 2 of Stranger Things and now in Season 3, Joe […]

So, it’s happened. Your bad Tinder jokes have finally worked, and a match has agreed to meet with you. The only issue is, they’re only free on Tuesday at 6 pm. How are you meant to get home, changed and get back out again in time? Here’s our life-hack: you don’t. With careful planning and […]

Airports have tricky fashion rules. It’s probably the only place you’re likely to see men in smart business suits and boys in garish lad’s holiday tees, complete with depraving nicknames. There isn’t a set standard when it comes to dressing for the airport, but here at Mainline Menswear we think you should look casually smart […]

Which sunglasses suit you best? The weather is warming up, your holiday is just around the corner and you’re eagerly awaiting that “beer garden?” text. It’s only when you’re outside and struggling to see against the blinding sun that you realise you’ve lost your sunglasses. Even though they maybe (definitely) didn’t suit you anyway, you […]

Loafers are the forgotten shoes you need to reintroduce to your wardrobe. Often neglected in place of trainers or brogues, loafers can be a stylish addition for both casual and formal wear. Being easy to dress up or down makes them your newest go-to shoe that’s minimalistic, easily adaptable, and looks like you’ve put a […]

Summer in Britain is sporadic at best, and we never know if we should be layering up for freak showers or wearing as little as possible to combat the heat. It can go from hot to cold without much warning, and I don’t know about you, but I only have three summer outfits for the […]

Sound the trumpets, rally the boys, grab the Pimm’s, as it is finally swimming short season. In the UK there’s only a short amount of time where we can get our chicken legs out and finally enjoy the heat. That time is finally here, so you need to get a pair of trusty swimming shorts […]

The heatwave is officially on, and with summer finally welcoming the BBQs and garden parties, your old chukka boots need to say goodbye until autumn. Finding shoes to wear for high temperature can be more complicated than you’d think, with even trainers feeling like too much when the heat really kicks in. And what shoes […]

Mena Massoud has been making strides since staring in Disney’s newest Aladdin. The 27-year-old is far from a street rat when he’s not on set. From looking sharp and formal on the red carpet to colourful casual wear at Coachella. Mena has his own style that includes some bold accessorizing and a fantastic dose of […]

Menswear tends to be a more muted palette; however neon hues are hitting the fashion trends and fast. From Neon Parties on Love Island to bright sportswear on the field. The aim is to look as bright as a highlighter because fashion has gone high-vis. But no we’re not suggesting you dig out your roadside […]

From announcing to the world that he makes “awesome decisions in bike stores,” to feeling extremely inspired by Ikea, it is safe to say that Kanye West is a man of many surprises. Ignoring his much-missed twitter for a few seconds, we would like to discuss Kanye West’s style. With a few shocking outfits sprinkled […]