Adidas Gazelles

Adidas Gazelle trainers have featured in all walks of life since they hit the scene in the late 1960s

They were one of the most popular sports shoes for training and competitions in the 70s, and are now an iconic streetwear staple reimagined by adidas Originals.

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Adidas Gazelles

Gazelles were first introduced in 1968 and since then have hardly changed in appearance at all. Although the timeless Adidas Gazelle was originally designed as within the brand's sports heritage, it swiftly moved to the street thanks to the collaboration with hip-hop band Run DMC.

The iconic Gazelle trainers feature the signature three stripes on each side. The Adidas Gazelle collection also comes in a huge array of styles, textures and special editions, so you can create a unique look. You can customise the outsoles, heel-caps, tongues, eye-stays and foxing, as well as choose from a large selection of colours, like blue, green, white, red and black.

This famous training shoe is ideal for casual, everyday wear. They pair up well with almost any outfit, especially due to the selection of colours, and proudly display the word Gazelle above the three-stripe logo so everyone will know you're wearing Adidas Gazelles.