Designer Clothing for the Football Season

Written by Andy | 14/10/2010






The football season is now firmly underway with just over half a dozen Premier League games completed and nearly a dozen league games registered the early season front runners are quickly being identified. Football grounds all over the country from Manchester United right down to York City have been adorned with millions of fans already including kids, OAPs, women and last but not least men, or more directly fashionable men.

Back before the introduction of replica shirts and merchandise the only way to show your clubs colours were through fashion or a knitted scarf. The introduction of the Football Casuals brought Italian fashion to the stadia with high end fashion brands such as Stone Island, CP Company, Armani and Hugo Boss being seen alongside sportswear brands including Fila, Sergio Tacchini, Adidas Originals and Puma. With the introduction of the Premier League and Sky television replica shirts soon took over, with football grounds being a sea of two colours beamed directly into pubs, clubs and houses around the world. As time has progressed the fashion has slowly crept back into the grounds, generally coinciding with fans protests at the way a board has run their club, abandoning the shirts and merchandise that make the club so much money in favour of the current brands in the limelight. These are the brands we’re going to look at today; just to make sure your next trip to the football is a fashionable one!

With this winter set to be colder than the last one, which lets face it weeks and weeks of ice and snow became a reality for most of the UK, so plan your winter wardrobe ahead this year to avoid missing out on the best pieces. Ralph Lauren beanies, Stone Island limited edition coats and Cruyff Classics trainers are all either limited stock or best selling already, so avoid missing out and grab yourself one or all of the above early. The next dilemma is club vs fashion in terms of the on trend colours. This season Blackpool fans will find very limited pieces that offer their famous orange and white whereas the blues greens and purples of the top brands autumn winter offerings leave very few fans with the options of using these colours to follow their fans, unless you’re Chelsea, Celtic or Newcastle (well away anyway!). So once you’ve checked out the full spectrum of colours it’s time to talk brands. Top designer men’s brands are something that isn’t lacking at Mainline Menswear with well over 100 of the worlds best on show. Budget and age will play a major factor in your choice with household names Lyle and Scott, Luke 1977 and Lacoste being readily available for the masses while slightly more niche brands such as Stone Island, CP Company and MA Strum all being designed by the original creator of all three brands Massimo Osti and carrying a relatively large price tag, but also a certain amount of Italian design, quality and desire thanks to football fan films such as The Football Factory and Green Street. Older gents may look towards Armani, Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren owing to their versatility of looking good at the football, in the pub, on the golf course or even at work meaning much more designer brand and exposure for your money.
The section of designer clothing that will consistently be seen at football has to be the designer sportswear brands that include Sergio Tacchini, Fila Vintage, Adidas Originals, Puma and Nike. These brands can cater for all ages, all budgets and all backgrounds allowing you to kit yourself out from head to toe for a lot less than a Stone Island jacket! These brands first hit the football scene with the 80s casuals and haven’t died down since, owing to their timeless design, global brand names and huge sports stars endorsing the brand.
Warmth at the football is a given, who wants to stand, shivering a wet at the football thinking “I wish I had ordered that big, thick winter jacket” so make sure that while you are at the football looking good you are warm, dry and ready for anything the British weather throws at you while you cheer on your local or favourite football team!

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