Superdry Jackets & Clothing Keeping Men ‘Dry’ This Autumn

Written by Marc | 28/09/2012


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Superdry Jackets, Coats and GiletsExcuse the terrible pun in the headline, but it had to be done! Superdry possibly has one of my favourite ranges online at Mainline Menswear at the moment. It’s full of colour, warmth and amazing jackets which can only further signify that autumn is on its way and that the weather is starting to turn a little. With autumn in the UK we start to see darker days, colder mornings and the obligatory leaves on the ground, but what this really means to the fashionable folk is that it’s time to start rolling out the knitwear and jackets to protect from the frosty mornings and chilly evenings while venturing out or returning from work. Superdry clothing have worked hard to cover both of these angles this season, while also offering their signature hooded jumpers, which and full of the same eye catching colour that can be found across the entire range.

If you’re looking for a new autumn or winter coat then Superdry is a great place to start. Not always to everyone’s tastes, but neutral enough in places to attract the masses Superdry are famed for their technical or arctic windbreakers as well as a new range of winter gilets and bomber jackets for the cold season. The technical windcheaters are amazing autumn jackets that will keep you dry and warm while also being mesh lined to aid with the breathability on days when the sun may make a swift appearance, or you want to be safe during those British summer rainy days. You’ll find these top jackets on Mainline Menswear in black, navy, grey or camouflage but also you’ll notice that the embroidery and trim changes in colour meaning that you’ll find blue, green, orange, white and grey trims to these popular jackets. Priced between £65 and £75 they’re perfect for students, for work, for the pub, the football or just generally out and about. Easily matched with jeans, trainers, boots and chinos it is a casual jacket that can be worn with trousers and shoes as a wet weather repellent if needed. Verdict – versatile, universal, neutral and by far Superdry bestselling coat.

Superdry also have a variety of bomber jackets, peacoats and gilets available for this season which are designed to keep you very warm and ideally, very dry. The bomber and patrol jackets are made from 100% cotton with a heavy wax finishing ensuring that they’re watertight, while the peacoat is a wool mix that much like a duffle coat should be heavy and thick enough to keep the rain water at bay. The gilets are more designed for the cold but dry day and can be worn over a hooded jumper, cardigan, sweatshirt or piece of knitwear to give you an extra layer of warmth on your outfit. These amazing seasonal coats are by far winter coats and are ideal for the winter snow and heavy rain, but wear with caution on those changeable autumn days; otherwise you will end up very warm in this thick, double layer range of coats.

Head over to Mainline Menswear now and check out the extensive range of Superdry coats, jackets and gilets as well as the Superdry clothing that includes a select range of winter knitwear, hooded jumpers, graphical t shirts, joggers, bags, hats and more. Pick yourself up some of this colourful Superdry range from Mainline Menswear before it’s all gone!

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