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Written by Marc | 23/03/2020


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Seeing an amazing outfit online and trying to replicate it is a challenge. You get all the pieces and realise it looks nothing like what inspired you. The reason why is most likely that you just don’t have the same body shape as the person in the photo. Well, we think it’s great that we all come in different shapes and sizes! Everyone suits different cuts of clothing depending on their general shape. What will look unflattering on one person will show off someone else’s best assets. So how do you dress for your body shape? Fear not, we’re here to tell you what will look good and make you feel confident with the body you have now. Starting by going through the different body shapes, let’s figure out which one you are and what type of clothes you should be shopping for.


What To Wear A Triangle Body Shape

Most men, especially older men, are larger around the waist and hips in relation to the top parts of their body. This creates a natural triangle shape with the waist as the base and the tip being the head. Celebrity Triangles include David Walliams and Michael McIntyre. So, what do you wear?

• Enhance and emphasize your shoulders

• Avoid polo necks and narrow crew necks. These will decrease your shoulder width. Opt for structured jackets and tailored blazers

• Don’t have the focus on your stomach

• Vertical stripes will create a streamlined effect that elongates and slims the upper body. Avoid horizontal stripes unless they are visible from the chest upward.

• Wear trousers with a straighter leg. Skinny and tapered trousers will make your hips and waist look wider.

A man is stood in a school room wearing a brown waistcoat, blue striped shirt and light grey jeans. All by Ralph Lauren.

What To Wear An Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Opposite of the triangle, the inverted triangle is when the base is at the shoulders and point is at the belly button. So you have wider shoulders and a well-developed chest. Celebrity triangles include Usain Bolt and Jason Statham. So, what do you wear? The goal is to draw attention to your hips and reduce attention on your upper chest.

Focus on the right places:

• A good v-neck draws the eye down and narrows the chest. Stripes across the stomach and detailing, like a statement belt, around the hips will also emphasize the parts that need it.

• A good graphic t-shirt – Some graphic prints and big logos will draw the attention from your upper chest. Just avoid detailing, prints or eye-catching colours on the shoulders.

• Avoid a skinny leg – Skinny cuts will make your top half appear even wider. Try a straight or relaxed slim to balance out your body. A good patterned trouser will also lure the eye away from the broad shoulders.

A man is stood behind a grey wall. He is wearing a white Superdry t-shirt with the logo printed on the front, a colourful jacket and a black baseball cap.

What To Wear The Rectangle Body Shape

Men with a rectangular body tend to have a tall thin shape. Their shoulders are roughly the same width as their waist and hips. Celebrity Rectangles include David Beckham and Harry Styles. So what do you wear? The primary aim is to add shape.

• Choose your prints – Avoid geometric patterns as these will emphasise your rectangle figure not add in shape. Well placed prints and colours can enhance the upper portion of your body. Horizontal stripes, especially on your upper torso will add width.

• Be thoughtful when layering: don’t just wear everything you own in order to bulk up. Think shirts, knitwear and scarves to widen the chest and shoulders, but also to narrow your lower torso.

• Structure is key – Shoulder pads are your best friend. Structured blazers and jackets add in extra weight to your shoulders.

A man is stood in a field holding a football. He is wearing a stiped Ralph Lauren Rugby shirt

What To Wear With An Oval Body Shape

The oval body shape is when the center of the torso is wider than the shoulders and hips. This makes your arms, shoulders and legs look disproportionately thin. James Corden is a good example of an Oval body shape. So, what should oval bodies wear? Avoid anything that makes you look short and wear clothes that add shape to your shoulders and that appear to lengthen the torso.

• Vertical stripes are your friend – Vertical stripes and pinstripes will instantly lengthen your body, but horizontal stripes will make you appear rounder.

• Avoid attention at your waist – Statement belts will attract attention to your waist and highlight your widest point. A printed or texture in a darker hue is a better way to add interest to your outfit.

• Length and Fit – Make sure sleeves and trousers are the correct lengths. They should add shape and definition and not make you appear shorter.

A man is stood wearing a blue and yellow stripe shirt.

What To Wear With A Trapezoid Body Shape

Whilst it sounds the most complicated, this build is just your average joe. An average build is what most designers base their designs. The waist is the narrowest point on an average man’s torso, with it gradually widening up towards the shoulders. It gives an overall trapezoidal shape with the shorter side at the bottom. Daniel Craig rocks his trapezoid body, so you’re in good company. But what do you wear?

• Showcase your athletic frame in slim and fitted clothes.

• Take inspiration from modern sport looks. Avoid baggy trousers and go for a slim fit.

• Pick a print

• Other than these keep it simple, your upper body already attracts attention.

A man is zipping up a black Lacoste shirt.


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