Jude Law: Style Evolution

Written by Marc | 15/11/2013


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Jude Law: How to get the look

Jude Law is one of the most famous British actors we have today, and equally famous for his off-screen antics. Jude is known for films such as The Talented Mr Ripley, Cold Mountain, Sherlock Holmes and many, many more! Nevertheless, we’d like to take a look at Jude Law’s flawless British style and how you too can achieve his look!
So why have we chosen Jude Law as our style icon? Jude is a perfect representation of British style and quality designer menswear, he is a trend setter not a follower adopting his own styles through his love of great designers and brands.

Jude’s signature items: The blazer, V neck t-shirt and beanie hat


Let’s take a look at what styles Jude enjoys to wear and why we have chosen him as our style icon!


Look 1: Modern tailoring
Jude paves the way for the modern tailoring style, going for the unique combination of a formal blazer with a t-shirt, smart trousers and some unconventional shoes! This is an outfit which can be easily adapted by many and you can even put your own twist on it! Here’s our version of this great look:

Look 2: Biker Style

Adopting the biker style look Jude still looks slick and contemporary, thus the basis of his style. This is a great every day look and easy to put together even if your’re in a rush.

Look 3: Casual

For every day wear, Jude is happy to sport a cardigan, scarf and beanie hat combination, looking effortlessly cool and casual. Again, this look is very easily adapted so we have had a play around with it too!

From taking a close look at the style of Jude Law he basis most of his outfits on the V-neck t-shirt and blazer combo, mixing smart with casual often wearing a beanie hat and scarf with many of his outfits. We admire Jude due to his effortless style and typically British look!

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