You can’t put an age on style!

Written by Marc | 18/11/2013


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Fashion focus is usually on the younger twenty-something male, so it’s all too easy to forget your elders! Just because they’ve banked a few years certainly does not mean their fashion sense has been locked away in a safe with them, in fact, we’d like to pay homage to a timeless style icon; a man that takes great pride in his style, Sylvester Stallone. When mentioning Sly Stallone, the first thing that will probably pop into your head is “Yo Adrian!” But believe us, take a minute and see how much effort the guy puts in, not only in pumping iron but staying on top of the style game. At the age of 67, some men can be content with a free bus pass and day time TV, not Sly Stallone; fresher than wet paint and currently filming The Expendables 3, Sly enjoys an extremely active lifestyle, working out and focusing on his style.

As you can see, Sly puts in a great deal of effort into his appearance on-screen and off-screen. He isn’t trying to dress younger or attempting to knock years off himself by wearing something which would portray a later-life crisis, he dresses his age but with a unique sense of class and taste. Sly’s favourite pieces seem to be a pair of Rayban aviator sunglasses, a shirt, a great pair of jeans and a designer blazer or suit sometimes coupled with a trilby hat.

Age cant hold back style

As we have seen by just looking at Sly, that no matter how old you are it does not mean you have to stop being stylish, in fact it opens new doors to style as all age categories do. Oozing charisma and a frequent visitor to fashion shows at 67, old enough to be a granddad, surely you’d be pretty proud if your granddad looked as stylish as this? Of course you would!

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