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Written by Kimberley | 03/12/2013


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Jeans are notoriously one of the most difficult items of clothing to buy; the perfect pair just never seem to be available. The array we have in our very own section for jeans is somewhat mind-boggling. Despite this, a good pair of jeans is a wardrobe staple and it’s important to find a pair that suits your build and style and flatter your shape. That’s why at Mainline Menswear we have put together this guide with some leading fashion bloggers to help you in your quest for the perfect cut. Slim fit jeans vs skinny jeans? Find out more about the popular cuts.


Mainline Menswear Jeans Style Guide

The Cut

Jeans have many different cuts and it can be difficult to choose the right cut for your shape. It also goes without saying that some days you may want a slimmer fitting jeans whereas other days you prefer to wear something a little more forgiving and comfortable. We asked some prominent fashion bloggers to give us a run-down of their favourite cuts of jeans.


Skinny Jeans


Arash Mazinani“Skinny jeans are one of my favourite cuts of jean. For slim guys, they’re perfect for showing off your body shape and highlighting your silhouette. They’re just so versatile and work perfect in a casual ensemble as well as having the added benefit of being able to dress them up for smarter occasions. One of my favourite ways to wear them is with a shirt, tie and blazer, swapping tailored trousers for a pair of well-cut black skinny jeans. Whichever brand you choose make sure they fit you well and avoid the ‘painted on’ look for a style with a little longevity.”
Arash (Image consultant/fashion blogger) – Arash Mazinani Styling


Dan Chizzoniti “Since I’m super tiny, skinny jeans fit my stature perfectly. They also mesh well with my style: preppy with an edge. I can rock a cardigan, button-down and a tie (preppy) and throw on boots with skinny jeans (edgy). The combo plays a nice twist on a classic look”
Dan Chizzoniti (Fashion blogger and style icon) –



Anthony Villegas“My go-to denims are definitely black skinnies, as well as straight leg dark wash Levi’s. The black jeans go well with just about anything and are transitional from night to day and across all seasons. The same goes for dark-wash denim. They both have a sort of casualness, but still can be dressed up for a cleaner look. I usually go with black jeans on the days I’m feeling a bit edgy; straight legs for a more dapper feel.”
Anthony Villegas (Male Fashion Blogger) –


Levis skinny fit jeans in Canyon Blue
Levis skinny fit jeans in Canyon blue


Straight Cut


Arash Mazinani“Straight cut jeans are a fantastic cut of jeans for guys that want to highlight their silhouette without the feeling of restriction slimmer cuts often bring. They’re great for guys with bigger thighs and are versatile enough to be able to wear with almost any type of footwear as well as casual and smarter outfits. Being such a classic style they’ll be found in a variety of washes from almost every jeans brand, but I personally prefer a dark indigo pair. Keep this classic staple simple by pairing with a crisp white tee, sunglasses and loafers for a chic summertime look.” – Arash


Steven Sharpe“I’ve warmed up to this cut of denim in the past couple of months. I previously dismissed the straight leg but since more and more people are looking for the slimmer cuts, the straight leg actually is very comfortable. It’s looser through the leg and more relaxed.”
Steven Sharpe (Runs a leading fashion blog) – Construct Style



Diesel Safado straight fit cord jeans
Diesel Safado straight fit cord jeans


Slim Cut


Steven SharpeThis particular cut of denim is by far my go-to. Skinny jeans usually make me feel claustrophobic so the slim cut is a very suitable alternative when looking for the slimmer look. It’s loose enough to move around in and fitted enough to be current. I prefer the dark wash over any other wash and I love to pair it with a bright patterned button-up, a blazer and boots.” – Steven Sharpe


G Star Raw slim cut jeansArmani slim fit jeans in a dark wash
G Star Raw slim cut jeans (left) and Armani slim fit jeans in a dark wash (right)


The Boot Cut


Betsy Green“The ‘Boot Cut’ proposes a slightly flared cuff, they provide a little more room around the ankle and calf to comfortably wear a good pair of boots. This particular cut of jean is known to be very flattering as you can also get some extra height by wearing a pair of boots or even cowboy boots with them! They seem a very comfortable and popular choice for men to wear”.
Betsy Green (Fashion blog editor) – Mainline Menswear


7 For All Mankind boot cut jeans
7 For All Mankind boot cut jeans


Denim Washes

Whilst the cut is important for ensuring the right fit, it’s also important to be aware of the different washes jeans have. After the jeans have been produced manufacturers will wash the jeans to provide different finishes and fades. Here’s a run-down of the different washes brands might use:

Washed denim: Denim is coloured with dark shades of dye after it has been created. Washed denim is when a manufacturer washes them afterwards to rinse away any excess dye.

Raw denim: Jeans that haven’t been washed after production so that the jeans are darker and fade naturally. This also gives the jeans a naturally distressed look.

Acid wash: Similar to stone-washed jeans, acid washing jeans removes most of the colour leaving almost a marble effect.

Stonewash: Stonewashing is a technique used to give a worn-out effect. Manufacturers used to actually use stones but nowadays chemicals are often used to get the same effect.

Dirty wash: Another wash to give the jeans a well-worn look. The wash will use different colours to give a used appearance.

Vintage wash: Distressed jeans are made to have a vintage look, similar to an old pair of jeans


SophiaIt’s not only men who can appreciate men’s jeans and one person who knows that is Sophia who runs, Girl in Menswear, a women’s fashion blog that has a particular love of menswear. Sophia found that men’s clothing can sometimes offer a different fit to women’s allowing her to create a unique look that not many others can achieve. Sophia took a few moments out of her busy schedule to catch up with us about why she often chooses men’s jeans.


Girl in Menswear Q&A

What styles of men’s jeans do you like the most?

As a woman, and a rather petite one at that, I tend to buy skinny jeans from high street retailers, or if I am buying from a more premium brand I will buy selvedge denim in a slim fit.

Why do you like them?

I find skinny jeans flatter my figure more, as I tend to wear menswear shirts and knitwear, I tend to go oversized on my upper half and try to wear tighter fits on my legs. On saying that, a skinny menswear jean is more like a slim fit jean on my figure. I buy slim fit jeans because they are tapered around the ankle, so they create a more flattering silhouette than let’s say a straight leg jean.

When do you tend to wear them?

Denim is so incredibly versatile and is no longer associated with casual wear alone. I wear jeans virtually every day, whether it be to work or dressed up in the evening. I think it is often less about the shape of denim and more about the colour. Black denim is appropriate for most occasions.

What do you like to wear them with?

There is very little that I won’t team with denim. I wear mine with an oversized sweater and sneakers for weekend wear or dress them up with a tailored shirt and cardigan with a statement sock and brogue for more formal daywear. I like rolling up my denim to show off a bit of ankle.

Why do you sometimes prefer to wear a men’s cut of jean over a woman’s?

A menswear skinny jean streamlines my legs without gluing to them like skinny womenswear denim can sometimes do. Because there is additional fabric around the crotch area I like to pull mine up and wear with a belt to create a kind of high-waisted look. I find that increasingly denim is becoming unisex – I have a pair of Levis 501s I share with a male friend.


Further Reading

Arash Mazinani is an image consultant, fashion blogger and a member of the Alicia Kite Academy the leading image consultant training academy in the UK. You can read his blog here.

Steven Sharpe runs leading fashion blog Construct Style which deals in both menswear and womenswear.

Dan Chizzoniti is a leading male fashion blogger and style icon; his blog is here.

Anthony Villegas is a male fashion blogger from Stockton, California; his blog is here.

Betsy Green is our very own style expert and fashion blogger at Mainline Menswear.

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