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Written by Robert | 17/09/2014

We have featured a bit about the unlikely affiliation between German sports brand Adidas and legendary hip-hop group Run DMC before on our blog but the latest collaborative products to arrive at Mainline Menswear from Adidas Originals gives the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into the relationship which began on the back of their first commercial success together back in the 1980’s.
The group were famous for wearing the iconic Superstar sneaker which they went on to reinvent and evolve into the Ultrastar, which is now a very popular silhouette selling in record numbers amongst the younger generations. To read more about the iconic Superstar, follow the link here.

Such has been Run DMC’s influence on the Adidas Originals’ style since that period of time- 1980’s in particular- they have decided to honour the giants of hip-hop with yet another range, this time venturing beyond footwear and into everyday clothing too.

The new 6-piece collection comes with authentic graphics which are reminiscent of the brand’s famous 1982 collaboration with the trio. Featuring two hoodies, two sweatshirts and two t-shirts- each in contrasting colours- they have produced an urban collection with a definite hint of the retro street wear the three artists were famous for.

Adidas take this collaboration beyond just fashion though and add their niche of creating technical sports clothing to this piece by way of the Climalite moisture-wicking fabric used to keep the wearer comfortable even in the event of becoming a bit hot under the collar during exercise. The casual hoodie is made from French terry with “MY ADIDAS” printed along one sleeve to emphasise the individuality of their alternative urban fashion-loving customer.

It seems fitting that the brand have honoured one of their most successful collaborators with a new inspired range, adding to previous ventures into the footwear market.

For those who know little about the rapping threesome, here we have a short bio:

Formed in New York Run DMC can legitimately claim to be one of their genre defining groups- they were the first to be nominated for a Grammy and the first to achieve a prestigious  Gold album for amount of sales. They produced record for around 20 years until 2002 and are now recognised by many including MTV as “the greatest hip hop group of all time”. Their success gave them a huge international profile and when they wrote lyrics referring to their love of Adidas trainers (on the “Raising Hell” album), the brand realised an opportunity to use them in their marketing which was collaboration that brought together the worlds of sport and music like no other brand previously had.

Prior to the collaboration, Adidas were attempting to stretch their international appeal across to the massive market in the USA. Run DMC was a chance for Adidas to show that they did have a fashionable side to their designs and that they weren’t just purely about sport.

Check the popular Superstar and Ultrastar out here:

Run Dmc footwear

Run DMC’s flamboyant 80’s style might have seemed like a flash in the pan sort of fashion trend at the time, but their Adidas trainers have somehow become one of the brand’s timeless silhouettes

View the collection here:

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