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Written by Marc | 16/09/2014



We all reach that point of the year where we subconsciously accept that winter is upon us and start to add extra layers to our outfit, many people identify an annual “winter coat” they can trust to see them through the season and brands are well aware of this habit so it becomes a big section of the fashion market. With many styles released by the top- tried and tested- quality labels it is a real pain when it comes to sifting through the yearly options, particularly when you consider it is one of the more expensive financial outlays.

C.P Company is a well-recognized expert in this field and seen as though the latest broad collection is now available it seems appropriate to weigh up the pros and cons of each different style which could be invaluable insight for those who are weighing up a purchase and have yet to try the brand’s product or certain different styles of theirs.

CP Goggle Coat

C.P Company

Founded in 1975 by one of Italy’s best-known designers, Massimo Osti, C.P Company is a designer brand known to excel in functionality, technical innovation and classic design, particularly in their iconic range of jackets and outerwear. Osti was a known to have a vision of bringing back traditional qualities and standards to men’s clothing. Having acquired a legacy in military and work wear the label has strived to evolve its pieces to fit a modern urban city lifestyle. The products invariably feature the brand’s logo’s on its sleeve which is something of a trademark and stands for the masculine trait of wearing the heart on the sleeve. It fuses contemporary and timeless styles like barely any other brands can and the goggle jackets in particular signify the bold and unique tastes which they exude from season to season.

For the past 30 years the brand has been known to produce outerwear in all different shapes and sizes, for almost any type of need- from duffel, parka, leathers, quilted and hooded styles to thin base layers too. Their name is immediately associated with the highest standards of men’s clothing and whilst that also places them in the premium price category, you only have to try one of their products to understand why. CP Company make a lot of limited edition jackets and also make lines in small quantities, but this gives each wearer a sense of individualism which you just don’t get with other brands.

CP Racing

The Goggle   

Arguably the brand’s most iconic design is the goggle which is most often attached to the hood and became a symbol of casual’s and terrace wear styles in the 80’s and 90’s. It is said the first goggle jacket was designed by Osti as a gift to drivers in the legendary Italian endurance motor race, Mille Miglia- which the brand sponsored at the time. Being a continued design in the CP’s lines year-on-year, the label have again gone back to the drawing board and reinvented this classic for the new season in a thick and lucrative blend of cotton and polyurethane. Finished in a jet black colour, it has a silky smooth texture with a plastic-like glaze to give it a contemporary edge. This is a neutral and timeless investment which can last for years and become a staple in any number of outfits.

CP Goggle


Featuring in the latest line is a padded lightweight jacket which has excellent insulating properties. CP Company has always had a bit of a sporty edge and this is a silhouette perfect for an active lifestyle. This garment has an elastic drawstring hood and a full double-ended zip, coming in a tasteful plum purple which is a perfect foil for the darker hues of winter. This is a regular fit and its key style qualities come in the unique dye after construction method which gives every piece a unique complexion. The zip entry pocket is placed on the sleeve and features the signature CP black tab which is said to originate from the watch viewer that appeared on motor racing jackets. Just like the goggle this band on the arm has become a mark of designer clothing itself and has seen high street competitors attempt to imitate it to make their product look more expensive.



CP has taken a classic design and done what they do best by moulding it into their own unique version. The parka is an mod icon in its own right and is probably a style most wouldn’t associate with the Italians, but C.P Company’s strength is that they take classic designs and put their own spin on it and strive to add more detail every time. The addition of a detachable fur hood and a further detachable padded down jacket in brown make this an item you can customise time and time again- you don’t have to dress like a mod to pull the parka off thanks to this.


the last of the key styles released in this year’s collection by CP Company also comes in black and just like the parka, it is lined with a brown padded jacket. The difference with this design is that it is much shorter and suited to work or casual environments simultaneously. Its characteristics include much larger pockets than any of the other styles, with two on the waist, one on the right of the chest, two on the left and a further one on the left arm. Adjustable Velcro cuffs and an elastic draw cord waistband make this a highly practical design which will be perfect for the temperamental British weather.

CP Company Tab

The Verdict

It is hard to make a case against any of these styles which have all got an undeniable quality, but each has its own speciality in terms of style and function and so it is a very subjective argument as to which might be the season’s best. Undoubtedly, true fans of the brand or indeed anybody buying for the first time might value the authenticity of a goggle styled jacket which is the most recognisable style and the one which people often want to be seen wearing. Those looking for comfort and practical qualities will probably be attracted to the quilted jacket which also represents decent value for money in line with other designs in the range. CP’s jackets are very technical and come littered with useful additions, but if you value pure Italian flair for design and don’t particularly need the big layers, then the over shirt will probably catch the eye as something of a happy medium between a winter coat and a reliable autumn layer.

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