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Written by Marc | 17/12/2014


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fred scooter boyThis year we have seen the return of one of Britain’s most iconic subcultures- the Scooter Boy- and as 2015 approaches with increasing speed it is only set to become more prominent in the new year too. The signs have been there for the past few years now and here you will see exactly how to get the look and join this growing trend which has origins as far back as the late 50s to early 60s.

Closely related to a number of other movements such as the Mod culture and Skinhead scene; they all relate closely to certain styles of music and fashion too. These groups have had such an intense and loyal following down the years that they have never fully disappeared and you will no doubt be surprised to find out some of your favourite items of clothing actually have a close relation to these notorious clans.

The Scooter Boy is a term that is mainly used because the people in this subgroup enjoy riding Vespas or vintage scooters and usually they will attend rallies or take part in rides out where they collect badges to stick on their riding jackets- it’s a pastime. These rallies most often take place at seaside towns and resorts in the UK such as the home of Mainline Menswear, Scarborough- which has become a key date on the calendar for enthusiasts. When you consider that we also stock some of the most prominent Scooter Boy clothing labels in fashion too it is easy to see why those who love this movement choose Mainline Menswear to buy their clothes.

There are many products and brands which are closely associated with the style and some of the most instantly recognizable styles include parkas, flight and denim jackets. Mods, Rude Boys, Scooter Boys and the rest all have one thing in common and that is that they are stereotyped as having a very neat and tidy image. It isn’t just coats and jackets that have seen this style come back into the mainstream, brogues and chukka boots are some of the most popular shoes you can buy right now and both were recurrent fashion choices for the Scooter Boys of bygone eras.

Below: Bradley Wiggins and Fred Perry are both associated with the Scooter Boys.

brad wiggins scooter boy

What is most interesting about this re-emerging style is that it has captured an older demographic of men who want to recapture their youth, reinvent their style or else just have more money and time to spare now that their families have grown up.

Movements like these are generally most appealing to the young generations and in the past, the Scooter Boys had an infamous rivalry with the bikers or rockers as you might call them and they often caused trouble for authorities when they crossed paths. This famously resulted in a huge confrontation at the seaside town of Margate which Fred Perry referenced in their special capsule collection, which you can read more about here. Incidentally, bikers and their leather jackets have remained a popular source of fashion inspiration too.

scooter rally

Fred Perry is indeed one of the most prominent brands in this subculture and its key products include the classic twin-tipped polo shirt and the iconic parka jacket.

In the 1980s the Scooter Boy craze reached America too and Levi’s denim as well as bomber and flight jackets like those by Alpha Industries became very much a part of their identity. As for footwear, you would expect Dr Martens boots to feature heavily in any mod wardrobe and their air-cushioned sole unit along with their robust outers came to represent them and remains to do so today.

Pretty Green is one of the most recent brands to emerge in fashion and capture the imagination of this unique subculture. Their psychedelic printed clothing along with their distinctive Mod inspiration resonates with this group, all of which is added to by the fact former Oasis frontman and cult hero Liam Gallagher has a personal involvement with the label.

pretty green


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