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Terrace or Casual culture- however you know it best- has been an influential subculture since the 1980s. Despite changing since then it still remains a distinctive subsection of modern Britain that we can all identify with. Perhaps the reason it’s still popular today is because of its close association with the home and away football movement. This remains a favoured pastime for young men around the country. Despite less appealing connotations of football hooliganism in the 90s where fans wore designer clothing and expensive brands so that they’d appear neutral to police and rival fans on match days, it is now a style which is looked at in a different light.

Casual clothing has always been closely related to that of other subcultures such as Mods, Skinheads and Teddy boys. It is being constantly reinvented by the next generation of football fans. Also, brands that are focusing on a change in style from the stereotypes which have been formed.

You might notice that the Casual’s style these days actually has a hint of retro about it in relation to the years it reached its zenith before the turn of the century, but that isn’t to say newer styles aren’t embraced because brands like Weekend Offender have come in and offered a new perspective on weekend away day clothing. Could this be the latest must-have brand after years of CP Company or Stone Island owning that tag?

High summer is a difficult season to cater for. Whilst we all still want to wear our bright summer clothing, it inevitably becomes a bit chilly. A lightweight layer becomes a precious commodity whatever your style is.

Taking a look at the key brands in this sector, we will uncover the latest Casual style.

CP Company

This Italian brand coincidently owns the other major Casual label, Stone Island, and has a signature product for this style which is the Goggle hooded products. They have now added a new perspective to this with the Goggle beanie hat and it is an item which guarantees usage in the approach to winter. This movement has always had a fondness for heavy branding on their clothing, but the subtlety on the CP line suggests a change in tastes to a much more refined and sartorial appearance.

Stone Island

A perennial favourite for football fans down the years, their logo has almost become a badge to define the movement, but they have worked hard to move the brand image along into a new era and their clothing for AW14 again reflects their thirst for originality. They are by no means ashamed of their older styles and maintain the logo which we all recognise on their product, but just like CP, they have brought their designs into the new generation with a chic new appearance. The overshirt stands out as a transitional season product which takes on a whole new aesthetic for the company, it will look great in a number of classic looks too- combining seamlessly with trainers, jeans and over t-shirts.

Stone Island Outfit

Weekend Offender

Whilst this brand may not yet have the rich heritage of its Italian counterparts, this youthful British brand has quickly become a favourite for its new interpretation of this style of clothing. A wind or rainproof jacket is the best practical and stylish layer you can buy from September time and WO have a vast collection of these to choose from, able to suit plenty of wardrobe combinations. They also have a trait of taking on much more of the contemporary fashion prints than the more traditional brands, giving them a completely new edge. They have some excellent shirts finished with these prints and they look completely at home when combined with the aforementioned outerwear too.

For football fans who want to escape the comparisons to the generations before them, these brands have provided a new identity for them and it is no longer seen as a uniform or stereotype to dress in smart designer clothes when going to the football, nor does it immediately tell people that you are violent and/or a nuisance to society. Being a Casual or a Terrace regular in 2014 makes you think of smartly dressed youngsters who value quality clothing and the amount of focus on these styles shows that brands are beginning to respect this culture once again. You can find classics like the Fred Perry polo and an extensive range of Lyle and Scott or Adidas Originals to complete a look ready for Autumn.

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