Desert Boots for Summer

Written by Marc | 02/06/2015



If there has ever been a shoe that can ride out the transition between seasons, smart/casual and rain or shine, indeed it is the desert boot.

The suede-based high top which might also be known as chukka boots – distinguishable because of their crepe sole, unique tongue and simple double eyelet lacing, is actually quite a historic design which can be traced back to at least 1949 when it more or less looked the same.

Clarks Originals are seen as the creators of the style but the fact it remains popular all these years on and is featured in many high street and high-end stores alike is testament to what an iconic design it has become.

The British shoe-maker is said to have introduced them at a shoe fair in Chicago with great success, having been inspired for the design by the attire of the British Army during their WW2 stint in Egypt on the hot desert terrain.

These types of boots are optimised specifically to suit hot environments with lightweight soles and suede offering an alternative to chunky leather boots which you might wear in winter. You can find them in varying colours by all sorts of brand names too and the reason they can be worn with almost anything is ultimately down to the simplicity of the design; people recognize that they can simply throw these on for any occasion and be comfortable in terms of look and feel.


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Check out some of the stand-out designs in the summer collection:

pretty green desert bootsPretty Green

True to Liam Gallagher’s own personal tastes, Pretty Green has its own popular version of the desert boot, customised to feature a more rounded toe and a flatter sole which shuns the usually raised heel. Coming in three colour choices, this is definitely a shoe suited to everyday wear.

Dr Martens

dr martens desert bootsThey are famed for their own style of boots with a trademark air-cushioned sole. Cleverly, they have taken the famed style of the desert boot’s upper and paired it with their own sole to create a totally original shoe.


timberland chukka bootsFeaturing the brand’s own waterproof suede, you can be sure Timberland’s chukka boot can survive the wear and tear of day-to-day life. It also looks pretty stylish too which is a bonus!


Arguably the owners of the most luxurious versions of the desert boots in the collection this year, Grenson is renowned for its British heritage and quality, which they have been grenson 1perfecting since 1866. If you take good care of them, Grenson’s Goodyear welted shoes will last many years.

In terms of wearing desert boots during the summer; they are easy to wear without socks and shouldn’t be too suffocating on the feet. “When boat shoes aren’t your bag, sandals just don’t fit your lifestyle and your leather brogues are a bit too formal, desert boots can fill the gap with ease” (

The Mods of the 60s and onwards always embraced the desert boot’s minimal design to fit their neat dressing tastes, but it’s probably this quality that ensures it remains a stylish shoe all these years on and so adaptable to different environments.

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