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Written by Marc | 10/07/2015


Brand Focus

The Samba was first produced in 1950 to enable football players to train on icy or hard ground. The brand has merged a piece of sportswear and fashion to create this iconic trainer.

The popularity of the Adidas Samba trainer has caused it to transcend the soccer courts and move into a popular culture. More recently the Samba has been adapted again to become a golfing shoe. This was inspired by one of golf’s most prestigious tournaments the Open Championship edition and were made to celebrate the introduction year of Adidas Samba. The product was limited only 1950 pairs were produced.

The Samba now makes many appearances on the television and silver screen which automatically boost the popularity and creates a fashion garment. Worn on television by Gary Windass on Coronation Street and Aiden Scotcher on Waterloo Road. The Samba has been seen on the silver screen worn by Owen Wilson; you me and Dupree, Eddie Murphy; Beverley Hills Cop, Freddie Murphy Bohemian Rapsidy and Ashton Kutcher; Valentines Day and That 70 show.

Adidas Samba bundle

Adidas can certainly give themselves a pat on the back for this one. The timeless and style of the Samba has made it the longest running shoe still in production, as the shoe is now in its 65th year of production.

Adidas Samba materials:

The trainer is made from Full Grain Kangaroo leather and has a reinforced suede strip. The toe of the trainer is made to be extra durable and has extra strengthening quality’s, this is essential for playing football. The most popular colour-ways of the Samba that is black and white with the extremely noticeable tanned sole, this is the original design and is still the most popular. Adidas later releases a cheaper alternative called the Bamba this is made cheaper by only being part leather.


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