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Written by Marc | 31/03/2015


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Levi Strauss & Co is the world’s oldest denim brand and it is no coincidence that they are one of the most popular too, even after all these years. The original denim work-wear brand from North America is famed for its blue jean and no matter what age, gender, background or tastes you may have, Levi’s denim is one of the few items of clothing that has transcended the styles of people all over the world.

Denim is a staple of everyday wear and you can bet it’ll never go out of fashion, but with fits and styles varying from brand to brand, and even within those brands too, how do you know you’re picking the right jeans for you? Here you’ll find a closer insight into the various jeans available from the most famous denim brand of them all- Levi’s.

Before purchasing a pair of Levi’s jeans the most important factors to consider to get your ideal fit are the waist and in-seam measurements. Find a pair of jeans which fit you comfortably and lay them flat before measuring from the seam of the crotch to the hem of one of the legs.

When measuring the waist- again find a comfortable pair then use your loose tape to measure the width of the back waistband, allowing for a natural dip which you would get from wearing, and then double your measurement to get the actual waist size you need.

Another measurement you might want to consider is “the rise”, which is the crotch to the top of the waistband on either the front or back. Whether a jean is considered high-waisted, low, drop crotch, mid or classic depends on this measurement, so it will give you a better idea of how the jeans will fit if you compare it to the measurements of a pair you know you like the fit of. Check our guide if you need a little assistance choosing skinny or slim-fit jeans.


In the 1890s Levi Strauss unveiled the 501 and remarkably it is still their most popular style to this day. You may well find it in a plethora of colours and washes but the 501 is invariably a straight-legged fit with a button fly closure. It’s a simple jean and is something of a neutral which will sit nicely with any number of outfits, smart or casual. It is a regular fit around the waist, thigh, ankle, inseam and it also has a regular rise- put simply it’s an all-rounder.


Categorised as a slim jean, 508 has a regular tapered finish, hanging on the hips with a slim fit and narrowing subtly towards the ankles. Ideally suited to an athletic frame and wore low on the hips, it adds a bit of shape to casual looks.


A new skinny fit style which sits low on the waist with a low rise, designed with a little stretch for extra mobility it is the skinniest fit in the Levi range. It is also part of the line 8 collection, carefully designed to adapt the brand’s favourite designs.


Another slim jean which has what could be described as a leaner fit than usual. It sits low on the waist and has a narrow leg which is great for a smarter style.


The most extreme tapered version in the Levi’s range is the 520 which has a slouchy fit, sitting low on the waist and with a low rise. The leg slims down dramatically to offer a close to the ankle fit. Best for people with an athletic frame who want the skinny jean look.

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