How did G Star Raw get its name?

Written by Marc | 03/08/2016


G Star Raw

g star rawG-Star RAW is a Dutch clothing company, founded by Jos van Tilburg in Amsterdam in 1989. From the beginning, they focused on denim clothing and marketed to an original, urban scene.

How did G-Star Raw get its name? Through producing urban clothing aimed at ‘gangsters’. Gangster, when said phonetically, kind of sounds like G-Star, and hence, the name of the brand was born.

G Star 1

They pioneered the market in Holland, creating new styles of clothing never before seen. A lot of their inspiration is taken from military-style clothing and military uniforms. G Star specially created products and anecdotes for their products; matching them with dark, functional outerwear.

For seven short years, the company was known only as G Star. However, in 1996, when they introduced raw denim to the brand, they elongated their name to become G Star RAW.

Raw, untreated denim is now what G Star RAW is best known for. Producing jeans and other denim products in their most natural form, unwashed and ready to be individually sculpted to each wearer.

You can find out more about raw denim here; like where it originates from and the qualities it has.

The most recent milestone for G Star RAW was forming a partnership with Pharrell Williams in February 2016. The musician and record producer is now co-owner of the famous denim logo, following two years of collaboration between the two parties.

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It is through Pharrell Williams that the brand has launched one of its most exciting campaigns to date. Raw for the Oceans focuses on taking recycled plastic from the ocean and using it to create new items of clothing. This draws on one of the brand’s key focuses – sustainability. Where they aim to give back to the environment everything that they take out.

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