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Written by Marc | 06/10/2016



Golf has been a favourite sport for men for decades. It’s something you can start playing as a child and carry on into retirement. Whether you play alone or with friends, there’s nothing quite like walking around a golf course in the evening. The sun is setting, and you’re still frantically searching for that elusive hole-in-one on the 13th green.

Most golf courses these days have a strict dress code you need to adhere to. Smart trousers, polo shirts and jumpers are known as typical golfing attire. With bright colours and patterns also being very popular in the sport. Therefore, Mainline Menswear is going to give you a quick rundown of golfing style, enabling you to look good both on and off the fairway.

Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is a key starting point for a round of golf. Looking smarter than a t-shirt, but still allowing flexibility and comfort which is vital for any sport. As we said, colours and patterns are encouraged in golf, so you can use this opportunity to try out a brighter style and experiment with new designs.

Some of our favourite polo shirts at the moment, which fit into the bracket of golfing style include this Pretty Green polo, inspired by Jimi Hendrix. It features a floral design on a white background; eye-catching and vibrant, but still with a smart, slim-fit style.

We also love this classic Lacoste block colour polo. In red, white and navy it has the mix of colours associated with golf, but isn’t too over the top if you’re nervous about wearing loud patterns. With Lacoste originating as a sports brand, you can be sure the design will allow you to swing your club with ease, and the fabric will last for hundreds of holes.


The next part of your outfit is trousers, or shorts if the weather is in your favour. Chinos are a great place to start. They look both smart and fashionable, but are also much more comfortable than jeans – which are often not allowed on golf courses – so are the ideal choice for walking miles around a course. These Hugo Boss chinos are a favourite of ours, in a dark blue so you can wear them with a more brightly coloured top.

Alternatively, if you want to wear shorts instead, we have a selection of smart, chino-style shorts. These tailored Luke 1977 shorts in blue are a stylish choice. They come with a five pocket design so have plenty of room for holding your scorecard, phone and whatever else you need.

Golf 2 Golf 3


If playing golf in just a polo shirt doesn’t keep you warm enough, investing in a knitted jumper is a good idea. Knitted jumpers look a lot smarter than a regular sweatshirt does, and so are the best choice for golfing attire. If you get too hot they can simply be tied over your shoulders, or stuffed in your bag to keep out of the way.

Something like this Armani Jeans knitted jumper comes in a stylish Bordeaux red colour, with a crew neck so you can keep the collar of your polo tucked it – which is proper golfing etiquette.

Or if you want a jumper with a bit more of a pattern to keep in line with the bright colours and designs of golf, we have plenty of those too. This Farah vintage jumper hosts blue and white stripes, giving your look a bit more texture and depth.


Finally, you may want to accessorise your outfit for a round of golf on the weekends. A cap is the perfect accessory for golf. It will not only keep the sun out of your eyes when you’re taking a shot, but also compliments the rest of your outfit and rounds everything off to give a complete look.

We suggest either a classic cap, like this white one from Ralph Lauren. Or add a bit more colour with this red Paul and Shark baseball cap. Whatever you choose, the cap is sure to serve a purpose in more ways than one.

Shoes are the last part of your golf outfit. Although there are special shoes which you are encouraged to wear on the course, having another pair to change into afterwards is a good idea. Especially if you’re not supposed to traipse mud and grass around the clubhouse.

Something smart like a pair of Grenson brogues, or Lacoste deck shoes are smart enough to fit into the rest of your outfit. But will also be a comfortable alternative to your playing shoes, allowing you to spend much longer in the bar after a round.

Golf 4 Golf 5

If you want to find a new outfit for your next golf tournament, look no further than Mainline Menswear. We have thousands of garments to choose from, stocked by over 80 different brands. Visit our website here to browse our extensive collection.

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