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Written by Rebecca | 29/09/2017

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We’ve always been told that different is good, so if you want something in your wardrobe that has a little bit of character look no further than Adidas XbyO.

Back in January Adidas released their innovative collection titled XbyO which combines the very best of the brands stand out elements from the past, present and future. The streetwear inspired range features simple colours and minimalistic designs perfect for that subtle high fashion image.

The concept behind these sleek, powerful but basic looks were inspired by the DNA built by Originals brand. Adidas wanted to celebrate the past, with precision detailing, interesting cut lines and the prominent X which featured in one of the brands first ever collections in the early 2000’s, but give it some new context.

In producing the range Adidas enlisted the help of one of fashions biggest forces in Japanese designer Satomi Nakamura who has helped take the collective memory of the past and combine it with the skill of Japanese pattern cutting to create something truly original.

The range has certainly been turning heads with its simple yet high quality image. An easy wear with comfort and simplicity being at the helm of the design it is proving popular amongst everyone from us normal shoppers to the biggest A-list names.

Some of the world’s biggest stars, including hip-hop artist Desiigner, have already been seen sporting the contemporary pieces which have put an exciting twist on staple streetwear.

Possibly the most unique part about this special collection is the fact that the products themselves are made from a fabric which has been made in Japan since 1934, but was exclusively manufactured for this XbyO collection, Yamayo Terry.

The fabric is very densely knitted and with 100% pure cotton allows for an incredibly soft touch which is always a great selling point when it comes to clothing. The softer and comfier the fabric the better. Not only this but it also allows for good motion which is extremely important if you want your streetwear collection to be successful.

The range prides itself on being subtle and in this current fashion market this is often rare to find amongst men’s clothing especially in streetwear.  The fine details of the hand-crafted patterns in the items certainly help make this range different. The Adidas team were excited to work with the skills and expertise of Satomi Nakamura whose skills in the art of Japanese pattern cutting have really made this line something memorable.

With no overt branding or large graphic prints, which seem to cover up many a good fashion item in the current trend, on it this range could suit any occasion and is certainly pleasing on the eye. Too often now in men’s fashion in particular a good-looking piece is often wasted with an unpleasant graphic or print. However, the X on these pieces looks very classy and has helped combine both current trends with their vault from the past.

The Adidas XbyO hoodie has been talked about in very high regard by many social media influencers and fashion vloggers in videos online. It is regarded as one of the comfiest and well fitted hoodies around and if you want to get one but don’t know how to style it this autumn have a look here.

What is also different about this range is the rather neutral colour choices including black, white, grey and navy. But this allows for the range to be worn all year around. These basic colours are always in season unlike possibly a yellow or red which are more specific to the summer months.

It’s clear to say that this Adidas XbyO range is certainly something unique. A real mix of simplicity and class has gone into the designs and with its unique levels of detail and easy colour system Adidas have created a range which is truly original.

Written by Joe Griffiths

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