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Written by Marc | 29/06/2017


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Having just covered how to wear men’s loafers, it’s important you know how to go sockless this summer as the two go together hand in hand. Whether chinos, shorts, joggers or your birthday suit, there’s sure to be an outfit or occasion where going sockless is absolutely necessary if you wish to avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

Whilst certain outfits necessitate going sockless, others simply look so much better without them. Styling your sockless outfit is far from difficult, but depends almost entirely on your footwear as well as partially on the rest of your getup; most notably your trousers.

The most stylish sort of footwear you can don without socks are undoubtedly loafers, moccasins or any other variety of low-rise slip on. Whilst going sockless was never a necessity with these shoes, in recent fashion it seems it’s almost the only way to wear them.

Whether you’re choosing loafers, driving shoes, tassel loafers, moccasins or even boat shoes, all of these look so much better when worn without socks; or with ankle socks at most.

One of the most popular clothing choices when going sockless, chinos are great for both casual summer days and formal nights out where the weather stays on your side. One of the main things when styling chinos with slip ons is turning the base of your chinos up to show off your sockless style.

How high you roll your chinos depends on your preference and the weather, so if it’s warmer, feel free to roll them up to below the knee, otherwise an inch or two will suffice in more mild weather conditions.

Shorts are a summer staple due to being practical warm weather wear. People often struggle with what shoes to wear with shorts, often opting for trainers and sneakers like Nike Airs and Adidas Originals. These are good options, but going sockless isn’t crucial for these choices.

If you’re looking to be on the more fashionable end of casual, definitely go for the slip-ons without socks. If you do choose trainers or something simple such as converse and plimsolls, so long as they’re low rise then be sure to go sockless. If you do decide to go for high top converse or some Air Max, then socks won’t be such an issue.

Certain occasions also call for going sockless in Summer, so regardless of what you choose to wear, if you’re hitting the beach or going to sunbathe in the park in plus thirty degree weather then it’d make sense to go sockless; if not for style, then at least for practicality.

Again, even garden barbecues or quick trips to town in the heat can be made more bearable with some light footwear and no socks.

Above are just a few pointers when going sockless this season. Try to remember that these aren’t written in stone, so whilst you may take our advice into consideration, it’s by no means law. Ultimately it’s important for you to experiment with your appearance and wear what makes you comfortable; these are just some suggestions to keep you stylish all the while!

Written by Aaron Thompson

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