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Written by Marc | 28/09/2017


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The Founder and managing director, Robin Yates, worked as Vice President for Canada Goose, taking the company to great heights. After realising that some customers were dissatisfied, he decided to leave and create something different.

Yates left Canada Goose in 2006 and founded Nobis in 2007. He wanted to create a lighter jacket and a nicer silhouette of what today’s customers want in line with fashion and function. From the beginning, he was committed to giving his customers exactly what they wanted.

The lighter jackets he has created are filled with Canadian down which creates greater volume with less physical weight. He has also ensured that the jackets are all waterproof, windproof and breathable.

Yates even added a magnetic fastening to pockets and the concealing flap to reduce the damage that Velcro could cause. He would rather pay a little bit more for this feature to create a higher level of functionality for his customers.

One of the classic styles to come from Nobis is the Yatesy jacket. The name comes from Yates’s hockey days when his teammates gave him the nickname Yatesy. Since its creation, this jacket continues to be their number one men’s parka.

But don’t be fooled. The Nobis collection is not just for winter. In recent years, they have introduced a variable of packable, storable and lightweight outerwear, perfect for those summer showers.


It’s clear that Nobis is different from other outerwear brands from the functional details added to the jackets. They focus on city living and different performance levels of garments with versatility being key. Their jackets can also be adapted to different situations with the removable hoods and fur trims.

2017 is their 10th anniversary and they’re taking their business to a much larger facility just outside of Toronto, Canada. This in itself shows the continued success which enables them to progress and grow.

Nobis has been worn by many celebrities, including Vin Diesel, Shawn Mendes and Tom Cruise. Johnny Depp wore the Yatesy jacket in-between takes on the set of one of his films. Vin Diesel wore a Nobis jacket to an event he attended and styled it with jeans, boots, and a vest top and finished the look with an over shirt.

These jackets can be styled in many ways whatever the occasion the Nobis jacket will go with every day attire.

Nobis now has a great amount of UK suppliers and have a long time ambition to continue to grow. Mainline Menswear is now one of the top retailers to supply Nobis jackets.

Written by Susie Rowley

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