How Your Suit Should Fit

Written by Marc | 11/12/2017




When wearing a suit you want to be focused on looking your best, and not having to worry about your outfit. This is why it is vital to find a suit which fits you just the right way. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

The Pose

As you should when trying on any item of clothing, it’s important to stand tall and straight when trying on a suit. Although this posture may seem uncomfortable at first, clothes that fit appropriately will stay comfortable as you move. This pose is the best way to discern if a suit is right for you.

The Jacket

In terms of the jacket, a well-fitting suit should have no ripples in the fabric at the shoulder, or around the button when closed. The sleeve should fall straight when the arm is down. It is recommended that you should see about half an inch of your shirt sleeve beneath the cuff of the jacket.

When your arms are relaxed in this way, the bottom of the jacket should be roughly aligned with the middle of your palm when it comes to discerning the right length. There should not be any point where the fabric is bunching up or creasing – this is a sign of a poor fit.

Your Chinos

When it comes to suit trousers, the seat should be loose yet not baggy over your rear; it is, however, better to go for a looser fit rather than a tighter one. The break of the trouser leg ought to be a subtle crease created where the fabric rests atop of your shoe.

And most importantly – you want room for a lot of movement, whether that be for striding out on the town or hitting the dance floor.

Final Words

Ultimately it isn’t cheap to buy a specially tailored suit, so your best option is probably to buy ready-made suits and shirts, and get them fitted to a shape which works better for you. We hope you’ve gained a bit more of an idea of what you’re looking for. You can also upgrade any suit with a waistcoat if you’re not feeling smart enough. Happy suiting!


Written by Poppy O’Brien

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