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Written by Rebecca | 22/08/2017


Brand Focus


Sportswear brand, Colmar has been producing high-tech and speciality garments since it established in 1923.

This Italian brand has everything – a great history dating right back to the 1920s, the company has been a pioneer in ski-race clothing, it’s extremely stylish and also is quite unique as not many UK retailers stock it.

This is somewhat surprising given Colmar’s role as a big player in the world of skiing – not just kitting out various national teams, but being major sponsors of the events.


With the influx of new brands for AW17, Mainline Menswear now stock a range of Colmar jackets, hats, joggers and hoodies – All available online now!

The History of Colmar

Colmar was formed back in 1923 in the small Italian city of Monza by a local called Mario Colombo. At the time Colombo was mainly manufacturing accessories such as felt hats.

The name of the company was created from the 3 three letters of Mario’s surname, and the first three letters of his Christian name, a decision that was apparently rubber-stamped by his friends as he handed around a few suggestions that he’d written on the back of a fag packet… Literally.

By the 1930s Colmar started to concentrate on ski clothing, treating cotton with chemicals to produce fabrics which would last longer in the mountains. Within 10 years they were producing hooded waterproof jackets and were starting to work with Italian skiers.


By working closely with the Italian Winter Sports Federation, Colmar soon recognised itself as a manufacturer of highly qualified and quality garments. At the 1952 Olympics, the company first had the task of dressing up the Italian ski team.

Over the next four decades Colmar had dressed up national teams of Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and other disciplines such as bobs and toboggans.

Today, Colmar has diversified its products. In addition to technical clothing, Colmar now also manufactures fashionable garments – All of which are available at Mainline Menswear.

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