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Written by Marc | 05/10/2017


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Has the bomber jacket ever gone out of style? Originating from the flight jacket of pilots, it has been through a transformation from a letterman jacket to the bomber – it has always been part of popular fashion.

Opting for a darker jacket (as seen on Joe Jonas and O’Shea Jackson Jr), could be a more comfortable substitute for a blazer or more formal jacket. Matching a black Alpha Industries bomber jacket with an all black base or white shirt makes for a sleek and sophisticated outfit which could pass for both smart or casual.

Kanye West has adopted the bomber jacket over recent years, teaming up with Alpha Industries for his tour jackets. Fusing the bomber with his personal style he gives the bomber jacket a modern spin. He pairs the green jacket with distressed jeans and a graphic tee or plain joggers to create a comfortable and practical look.

The patterned or bright bomber jacket is definitely a statement. You may not feel it appropriate to brave a bright red or patched jacket for everyday wear but it would definitely be an option for a night out.

As we move out of autumn and towards the colder winter months the bomber jacket may not provide you with the warmth you need. Alpha Industries’ Parka coat is also a lasting trend that could help you through the end of 2017.

Whether you choose to sport the fur lined hood or not, the classic longer length of these coats means they are easy to style with jeans or trousers and as many layers underneath as you can fit.

Written by Lottie King

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