What to Wear Under a V Neck Sweater

Written by Marc | 05/12/2017




It can be confusing to know what fits best under a V-neck sweater, but Mainline Menswear are here to help.

If you are having trouble understanding how to properly accentuate your newly bought V-neck sweater you might want to consult this short guide to learn the dos and don’ts of how to style a V-neck.

V-neck sweaters are a great asset to any smart wear and can turn many casual outfits into smart ones. However, it can also ruin an outfit completely if the attire is not carefully planned.

By following this simple guide you’ll be certain you pick the right accessories and items of clothing so that you accentuate the look instead of ruining it.

Vivienne Westwood’s white long-sleeved shirt is a great shirt to begin with because white goes along with many other colours. Tommy Hilfiger’s blue V-neck sweater perfectly complements the shirt and makes the colour stand out.

Finish the attire with Lacoste’s brown slim-fit chino trousers for smart wear suitable for work, for lunch with the boss or for everyday shopping.

The next outfit consists of Ralph Lauren’s navy blue long-sleeved slim fit shirt, which highlights your physique and would go great along with Ralph Lauren’s grey v-neck jumper.

This outfit is comfortable and warm and is another one you can use for smart/casual occasions. Finish the outfit off with Farah Vintage’s beige elm chino trousers.

The last V-neck we will be introducing is John Smedley’s black burley V-neck cardigan, which displays the item of clothing underneath much more prominently, which is why we chose Vivienne Westwood’s green checked Krall shirt.

This multi-coloured shirt is great for when you have a day off and want to switch your attire up a tad, while still enjoying the comfort and style of a V-neck. Pairing with Edwin’s Navy blue chino trousers would finish the look.

Written by Martin Tvenning

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