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Written by Marc | 05/07/2017


Style Icon


Abel Tesfaye also known as The Weeknd has become one of the most well known artists in the world over last few years and his fashion taste has made him into something of a style icon.

The Weeknd first appeared on the scene when he uploaded three nine-track mixtapes throughout 2011, which he later re-released and called The Trilogy which subsequently became critically acclaimed.

As well as his dark RnB music and captivating voice, The Weeknd has gained popularity for his love of minimalistic dark outfits.

Abel’s love for all black outfits is a craft in its own way, always finding to find new ways to look different without looking overbearing.

To get this look right we need to start off with this black Replay crew neck underneath and a black Pretty Green Lennon jacket on top to stay true to the outfit style.

Pretty Green Lennon Jacket Black | Replay Crew Neck T Shirt Black | Vivienne Westwood Darianne Key Necklace | Levis Line 8 511 Slim Straight Jeans Black | Lacoste Sevrin Mid Trainer Shoes Black

And for the people with a bit more to spare, adding a Vivienne Westwood necklace will be perfect because the gold will stand out due to the contrast between the gold and the black shirt and jacket.

For the lower half of the outfit, going for the black Levis line 8 511 jeans and a pair of these black Lacoste trainers should complete the style and get the look that you are trying to imitate from the Weeknd.

The Weeknd loves to perform at fashion shows and even with a lot of people expecting to change his style up for different events, he stays true to his style of being casual but stylish at all times.

This outfit starts off with navy Lyle and Scott shearling jacket which will be the main part of the look and the top can easily just be a blue or black t-shirt, both of which can be found in the t-shirt section of the website.

Levis Line 8 511 Slim Straight Jeans Black | Diesel T Jam T Shirt Black | Fred Perry Kendrick Tipped Cuff Shoe Navy | Lyle and Scott Shearling Lined Jacket Navy

For the jeans of the outfit, the same black Levis line 8 511 will work with both the jacket and the top due to its style and dark colour which Abel went with for the night.

The shoes can easily be mimicked with Fred Perry’s navy shoes, which will top off the whole look without trying to change too much of the outfit.

For the fans of a more formal look without requiring too much effort, The Weeknd rocked a plain white t-shirt and some black jeans, finishing off his simple smart outfit with a black blazer.

The look can be achieve by starting off with a simple white shirt from the selection that the website has to offer; anything from a Paul Smith crew neck or a white Boss Orange Tommi t-shirt.

A navy PS by Paul Smith blazer jacket will be perfect for the look that you are trying to achieve. The style of the blazers might be slightly different but you are getting the essentials of the outfit right.

This black Hugo Boss Orange Schino trousers and a pair of black Sweeney London brogue shoes should finish off everything quite nicely. This outfit looks fairly simple but it is definitely stylish and fashionable.

PS By Paul Smith Crew Neck T Shirt White | Boss Orange Schino 1 Slim Fit Trousers Black | Sweeney London Belair Brogue Shoes Black | PS By Paul Smith Suit Blazer Jacket Navy

So now that you have the basic idea of how to dress like the Weeknd, it’s your turn to be next Starboy and rock the fashion world.

Written by Fritz Samson

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