What to Pack for a Weekend Away with the Lads

Written by Marc | 15/02/2017


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Whether it’s a weekend of sightseeing, sun lounging or beer chugging, there are several essentials you need to take when going away with the boys. It’s important to have all bases covered in the event of spontaneous trips or nights out on the town.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of absolute musts you’d be a fool to forget when going away for a weekend with the lads. From lounging in the hotel in joggers and slippers to a smart shirt and trousers for social evenings, just read below – we’ve got you covered.

White Shirt


It’s important to prioritise, so forget about food, toiletries and bedding, we know you want to look snazzy on your night out with the lads. So first things first, it’s necessary to have a smart shirt to fit the occasion. A white button-up collared shirt is the classic example of smart wear and is the most reliable choice – what’s better than a shirt that will fit any outfit?

Our Pick: Religion Long Sleeved Skull Shirt White



Given it’s winter, you’ll be hard done by to find the right night to go out wearing a t-shirt or thin long sleeve. That’s why this time of year is the perfect opportunity to wear a smart blazer which will without a doubt put you above the rest in terms of style and class. Not to mention it’ll keep you warmer on those chilly pub crawls.

Our Pick: Ted Baker Wing It Blazer Jacket



The perfect accompaniment to a smart white shirt is black trousers. For simplicity, black jeans are usually the better option as they can, if necessary, be worn casually during the daytime too. Slim or tapered fit are usually the smarter choice however if you’re not a fan, there’s a large variety of equally stylish fits on our website.

Our Pick: Levis 512 Slim Taper Jeans



Keeping in line with the classy, a smart watch is the perfect accessory for a weekend away with your friends. When you’re away and in good company, there’s nothing worse than friends checking their phone every ten minutes – so you definitely don’t want to be one of them. Not only that, but a good time piece oozes sophistication.

Our Pick: Hugo Boss Jackson Watch

Travel Bag


Now that you’ve got the look, it’s important to get the essentials. You’re going to struggle going away without a travel bag. Fortunately, travel bags don’t have to be a burden – they can be a fashionable addition to your already fashionable outfit. Nothing too huge is necessary for a couple of days away, so one of these quaint-sized carry bags would be perfect.

Our Picks: Fred Perry Pique Texture Overnight Bag | Fred Perry Pique Texture Barrel Bag

T-Shirt & Joggers


After all the partying and evenings out you’ll no doubt be enjoying, even the best of us require downtime to recharge. That’s why it’s important to remember to take some lounge-wear. Our recommendation is this triple pack of plain, slim-fitting t-shirts and these accompanying Hugo Boss jogging bottoms in grey. Together they’ll not only look great, but allow you to be comfortable and get the best rest possible.

Our Picks: Hugo Boss Black Multi Colour Triple Pack T-Shirts | Hugo Boss Orange South Jogging Bottoms

Above are just a few of what we think are the essentials for a weekend away with your friends. If you feel there’s something missing, check out our website and you’ll be sure to find everything you need to keep you covered.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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