What to Wear on Your First Day at Work

Written by Marc | 16/01/2017


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From updating your CV to your first actual day at work, the whole process of getting a new job can be a very stressful time for a lot of people; and with so much to think about and prepare for, it’s no surprise. Fortunately, we’re here to ease some of the pre-work jitters by helping you decide what to wear on your long-anticipated first day on the job.

Particularly in the early days, appearance is important in the workplace as you’ll want to make a good first impression on the colleagues you’re going to be working with. With that in mind, you should dress to impress because a man that looks organised gives the impression that he is organised – and that’s an impression you definitely want to portray.


Depending on your work environment, you’ll want to dress anywhere from smart-casual to smart. If you’re in a very professional business environment, your best bet would be a suit, so think smart-pressed trousers, a white button-up shirt, a tie, a blazer, etc.

For a professional environment albeit a less ‘rigid’ one, you can dress equally smart without the stiffness of a full suit. A blazer, smart shirt and tie as above, only this time completed with chinos and some smart shoes would be a great outfit for a huge variety of office environments. An Armani white shirt accompanied by this stylish black Hugo Boss tie is a great start. Complete the upper portion of your outfit with this neat wool Paul Smith navy blazer and have a smart, sophisticated look without the rigmarole of buying a three-piece suit.

From the waist down, a black belt and dark chinos would be a great accompaniment to the dark blazer, as well as give a good contrast to the clean white button-up you’ve got underneath. Chinos are a good alternative to proper suit trousers as they’re light, comfortable material whilst being a little more hard-wearing. These black Hugo Boss chinos are the perfect choice, keeping a subtle casualness about the outfit whilst still looking smart and coordinated. This Levi core basic black belt to go with the chinos is simple and versatile.


Last but by no means least, footwear. Keeping in fashion with the smarter nature of this office outfit, these Sweeney London Fellbeck brogues are a brilliant choice to finish off the clothing for your first day at work.

Furthermore, the great thing about the more casual option of chinos is that if it turns out your working environment is more laid back than you first thought, then you can trade in the leather brogues for something laxer such as a slip-on or boat shoe and still look the part.

Remember, it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed, so be sure you dress to impress on your first day at the office. If it does turn out your working environment is more casual than you first expected or your fellow employees dress down, then it’s up to you to choose whether to follow suit or stand out!

Written by Aaron Thompson

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