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Written by Marc | 05/03/2018


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The tracksuit is a style that has been on the rise. If comfort is what you’re looking for then tracksuits are the answer. Warm and easy fitting; a tracksuit is the ideal combination of comfort and style.

The tracksuit has evolved beyond being just for lounging around or going to the gym. They are two very different activities and yet, a tracksuit is commonly used for both. Whether you’re chilling at home or out and about, it is the ultimate everyday clothing.

Nike are famous for their urban style of clothing, For years they have been creating comfy and popular urban clothes. The grey Nike tracksuit paired with the grey Nike t-shirt make a smooth and easy look. Adidas Originals X PLR Trainers are suitable for the gym should you be looking to put a tracksuit to one of its intended uses.

However, if you simply enjoy the freedom and style of a tracksuit then they are a fashionable option to complement the rest of the outfit. To complete the all grey look, a Classic Fred Perry Cap design with embroidered eyelet style features in steel marl grey will do the trick. Stiff peaked design with the signature embroidered Fred Perry Laurel logo in white on the left.

If you feel like you want to make the look stand out a little bit more, there are many different accessories and shoes that you can match with the tracksuit.

With a large range of different hats and trainers available at Mainline, mixing and matching your outfit is easy. They have an impressive selection of hats covering many different brands for those that like to switch their style up.

The main thing with a tracksuit is to be comfortable so it’s important to pick one that you would not only look good in, but one that would that you would feel at ease in. It’s worth having a look through all the options, deciding which of the different brands you like the most and making sure you check the material the tracksuit is made of in case you are not a fan of some fabrics.

If you have expensive taste or you simply feel like treating yourself then there are some more expensive tracksuits on offer. Lacoste produce 100% polyester tracksuits with elastic fitted into the waistband of the bottoms and in the jacket as well.

When the weather isn’t at its best then the polyester material will be far better suited as the cotton tracksuits, although warm, tend to get a bit soggy when rained on.

It’s a style that is increasing in popularity and contrary to popular belief there are many different styles and brands of tracksuits so there is one to suit everyone. If you’re looking for an effortless and comfortable style that’s suitable for everyday life, then a tracksuit is most definitely the way to go.

Written by Aidan McCormack

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