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Written by Marc | 13/06/2018


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Suits can make you look suave all year round, but how do you wear a suit when it’s hot out? The weathers heating up, but the office isn’t willing to close for the summer holidays, so you’re forced to swelter in your heavy layers.

When you have no choice but to suit up in the summer how can you stay cool? Here are Mainline Menswear’s top tips for wearing a suit in the summer.

Drop the Lining

You might not always get a choice, but if you can, try to go for blazer jackets that are unlined. If that’s not an option, then Mainline recommend you shop for suits in light materials. No matter how smart your wool suit is, it won’t look good when you’re sweating buckets in the boardroom while Sharon from accounting leans back further than Michael Jackson to escape your odour.

Materials to go for will have an open weave fabric. Cotton, fresco and linen suits are all great options when it comes to beating the sun and rocking that summer suit.

Flash Those Ankles

Earlier we showed you the difference between trouser lengths for suits and the various rules that apply. In the summer avoid the ‘quarter break’ or ‘half break’ cut trousers and opt for ‘no break’ trousers. These trousers stop a little above your ankles and provide some much-needed air to your feet. Shop Mainline Menswear designer suit trousers to find the right pair for your summer.

Shorter trousers combined with laceless shoes (we’re coming onto that) are a great combo for not only a more casual summer suit look, but also keeping a little cooler in hot weather.

Forget Laces

Loafers are great shoes for ventilation whilst still looking smart. Take it one step further and go sockless with your loafers to let some much-needed air reach your toes. This combined with the ‘no-break’ trouser technique above, is bound to cool you down while you’re strutting down the office.

This look won’t work for the smartest of occasions but is a good go-to with your more casual suits. Mainline Menswear recommend brown loafers (a cooler option than black) like these GH Bass Weejun Larkin loafers.

Loosen that Tie

When it comes to wearing a suit in the summer, you don’t need a tie on your commute, so keep it in your suitcase until you reach those office doors.

Not only do we recommend ditching your tie, but carry your jacket rather than wearing it on your way to the office when the weather is simply too hot for a suit. Basically, the less you’re wearing on the way to work the better – unless it’s your birthday suit, do NOT wear your birthday suit.

Our last (and perhaps most important) tip is to drink plenty of water. Keep hydrated in that warm weather to stay cool and safe. Follow all of Mainline Menswear’s step and you’re sure to pull off that summer suit even in the hottest of temperatures.


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