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Written by Marc | 27/08/2018


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Sure, you’re always going to look smarter in a nice pair of Oxford shoes than in a pair of trainers. But let’s face it, wearing trainers to work is the ultimate goal when comfort is concerned.

You won’t find me sitting at my desk in anything less, so here are the do’s and don’ts to help you get away with those favourite pair of sneakers at work.

DO: Vary Your Shoes

Don’t just wear the same pair every day. People will notice and the shoes in question will get scruffy after constant wear and tear.

Vary things up and try to make sure you don’t pick anything too garish. Streetstyle doesn’t belong in the office, so go for all-white trainers like Grenson trainers to play things safe, or in grey for a more colourful (but still professional) look.

DON’T: Let things get grubby

You wouldn’t go to work in a dirty shirt, would you? Well, maybe you would, I don’t know your routine. But you shouldn’t! And trainers follow the same rule.

No matter how fancy the brand is, if your trainers look grubby then you’ll look scruffy. Clean your trainers before heading to the office. Here we explain how to remove stains from your precious trainers.

DO: Bring more than one.

Following on from our grubby lecture. Maybe your office just doesn’t allow trainers, but you still can’t stand walking in your work shoes. The answer is to wear trainers for your commute. Women have been doing this for years with high heels and comfy commute shoes, with good reason too.

Take a pair of ultimate comfort trainers on your commute, then switch to your pristine work shoes once you get to your desk. At least then you’ve done most of your daily steps without any risk of blisters.

DON’T: Wear scruffy trousers to match

You’re already going casual with trainers, so you can’t afford to do the same with your trousers. Well-fitting, smart trousers coupled with a pair of trainers? Great look! Scruffy trousers matched with a pair of trainers? Unkempt look.

This rule is simple, if one item of your work attire is casual, then the rest of your outfit needs to pick up the slack and stay smart. Make sure you’re wearing well-fitting, smart trousers to match your trainers. Preferably tapered trousers or a good pair of designer jeans. Business casual really is as easy as that!

brown trainers for men

DON’T: Stick to one brand

Don’t be the guy that wears different trainers all from the same brand. Nike, Adidas, Grenson, Puma, and Vans. There are so many different styles to choose from. It’s simply wasteful to just pick one. You wouldn’t wear the same shirt every day, so why your shoes? Mix things up to keep your office outfits fresh and interesting throughout the week.

DO: Splurge

Unless you followed our last step, chances are you’re going to be wearing these shoes five days a week for hours at a time. When you’re putting so much time into them it means you can’t just go for the cheapest pair of trainers you can find.

One: you deserve to treat yourself.

Two: they’ll last longer if they’re good quality.

If you’re going to put a little extra bit of money into your wardrobe choices then please, for your own sake, make it your trainers.

DON’T: Go too colourful

Remember, you’re at work. So no matter how casual those shoes are they still need to look professional. Bright and colourful statement trainers aren’t a go-to when it comes to the office.

If you’re a little nervous and not sure what to pick, then we recommend you stick to basics and wear all-white or black trainers.

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