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Written by Marc | 15/06/2018


Anderon's Belts

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Mainline Menswear is proud to introduce our new collection of Anderson’s Belts, available online now. Add a bit of luxury to your wardrobe with these high-quality, leather Italian belts. From woven fabric to soft leather belts, Anderson’s pride themselves on the quality of their stunning work.

Man Anderson's Belt

About Anderson’s Belts

Anderson’s belts have been made in Parma, Northern Italy, and nowhere else for over 50 years. A city steeped in tradition and known for its leather goods, Anderson’s have quickly established a reputation for high quality.

Everything in the Anderson’s factory is handmade and there are over 100 steps in the production of a typical Anderson’s belt, including spending a crucial six months naturally tanning their hides with oak barks and natural tannins. The easy path is not the Anderson’s way, and it shows in their stunning collection.

Anderson's Colourful Belt


Different Kinds of Anderson’s Belts

Mainline Menswear now stock a range of Anderson’s belts, from exquisite, multi-coloured plaited belts to rich Parma leather belts. Have a look through what we have in stock online for next day delivery.

The high quality and quirky designs mean they are a quick-fire way to make a great statement, colourful colours standing out against your suit, Anderson’s belts make a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

Anderson's Belt

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