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Written by Marc | 01/11/2019




It’s that time of year again, our AW19 collection is available online and with that comes a brand new advert. This year we wanted to concentrate on every type of man looking for their next designer outfit. No matter what the occasion, we understand that you have your own look and unique style, so at Mainline Menswear, we wanted to celebrate that creativity.

A man is stood in front of a painted wall of a gorrilla. He is wearing a denim jacket and black hoodie. Two film crew are kneeled in front of him taking pictures.

A man looks off to the right wearing a black Diesel hoodie with the hood up and a blue denim jacket.

From smart and timeless pieces such as Hugo Boss and Belstaff to colourful urban styles with adidas and Diesel. There are plenty of different corners to shop from on our website, and with over 100 brands to choose from you’re sure to have your favourites.

With five models (and one stunt double), a fantastic production crew, a BMX bike, and a Bonneville Bomber (that I was not allowed to touch) we took to the streets of Manchester to represent the different looks we have on offer.

A man is sat on a motorbike surrounded by crew lights.

A man is stood looking down. He is wearing a black coat.

There was a lot to show-off this season, and with 6 suitcases and one clothes rail between three people (yes, we struggled. Yes, the lifts were out of order) our featured brands included Belstaff, Hugo Boss, Diesel, adidas and Barbour to name just a few.

Our different looks took us from BMX tricks on Salford canal wearing Levis jackets and CP Company beanies, to stylish Barbour Beacon shirts and Paul Smith watches in bars. We love the different styles and themes all our brands provide, and encourage you to be as creative as possible this AW19.

A shot of a bar dimly lit. Three people are talking near the bar near a camera.

A man is leaning against a bar wearing a dark blue shirt.

Explore the latest in men’s fashion with us and choose your own line to follow. We’ve got you covered for the blokes who take it offline, the chap who loves a chat-up line, the fellas who put it all on the line, the brothers who represent online and the lads that won’t step in line.

Watch The Video Here

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