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CP Company
The C.P. Company brand was created in 1975. The research path that inspired the collection can be traced to two distinct subjects at the root of the male wardrobe: traditional military uniforms and working clothes.
These two historic traditions inspired the philosophy which has characterized the C.P. Company brand ever since: Function and use.
Uniforms have always combined functionality with elegance: every detail reflects the specific function for which it was conceived and made. Volumes and wear-ability, fabric weight and characteristics, pockets and other ingenious details have always been created for men who need to perform extremely precise functions. Uniforms were also expected to be elegant, reflecting the wearers status.
Working and sports clothes also reflect the same prerogatives of functionality: as an example, clothing used by hunters, fishermen, racing drivers, riders and sailors forms all have shapes, materials, treatments and details functional to the expected performance.

This constant research has enabled C.P. Company to collect 40,000 garments dating from the late 19th century to modern times: an essential heritage which accounts for much of the company's know-how.
These historical roots have been flanked over time by another line of research aimed at the development of clothing functions: technological research applied to fabrics, finished garments and the processes used to make them.
C.P. Company's suppliers are asked for specially studied one-off articles with unique characteristics: ranging from blends of ultra-lightweight fibers capable of absorbing colors in an original way to more innovative techniques of coating, flocking and brushing.

Once the garments have been made, the untreated fabrics are dyed and then undergo special treatments in C.P. Company's dye-works and experimental print shop, a department that is capable of combining advanced technology, know-how and human craftmanship, resulting in the production of virtually unique jackets and sports jackets, sweaters, shirts and trousers.

The historic items in the C.P. Company collections are flanked by sophisticated and always functional new themes focused on the evolution of contemporary taste. These are aimed at men – and for the past fewer seasons also women – whose work and leisure is based in a metropolitan dimension.
Considerable attention is now focused on the evolution of urban working clothes, the reinterpretation of trades, the personalization of uniforms that allow the best points to be developed without the constraints implied by the name. There is constant research for functional details, occasionally borrowed from the clothing worn by policemen, motorcyclists, airport workers, and flanked by the constant research for the exclusive fabrics and treatments that have always been the brands hallmark.

In a world that places a growing emphasis on the unique nature of the individual and where the uniform of the gray suit holds less sway, C.P. Company's innovative and anti-conformist philosophy has become increasingly relevant and is closely followed, often imitated but never equaled, a symbol of intelligent individuality, functionality and refined taste.

Non-conventional fabrics and de-structured cuts with extremely accurate details are the key features of these garments which are warmly appreciated by urban professionals. The men and women who love C.P. Company are individuals who see in this brand the breadth of a culture that blends the best of functional tradition with a search for the avant-garde trends of the future.
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