Mainline Menswear Summer Shoot Behind The Scenes – On The Road

Written by Marc | 22/05/2019




A very early rise, 3 trains, a transatlantic flight, an underwhelming jacket potato, a very questionable set of suitcase wheels, another train, a minibus and a stereotypical American highway drive later: we arrived in Miami.  

We gathered our favourite funky shirts, comfiest footwear, outstanding accessories and the best summer fits for 2019 and made the 4000-mile journey into the South East Coast heat. All for several days shooting for our On The Road’ themed campaign. Mainline Menswears most exciting campaign so far. With the aid of a fancy red convertible, we cruised the iconic palm tree lined Ocean Drive in style. Taking in the sites of the outrageous yacht dominated marina and the seemingly endless, flawless Miami Beach. The perfect setting to present to you our favourite stylish outfits for this summer. 

The summer shoot gave us the chance to show off our top summer pieces and where better than the quirky city of Miami? The home of Gianni himself, allowing us to show off our fantastic collection of luxurious Versace shirts. 

man sat wearing a pattern Versace Collection silk shirt

A morning spent in the stunning The National Hotel provided us with the perfect poolside chill-out spot. With a beautiful sun trap and a stunning pool, it set us up excellently to showcase our cool Les Deux shirts, ideal for lightweight wear as the weather warms up this summer. 

A man lying down wearing shorts by a pool

The Miami Design District provided us with the perfect spot to show off our Ralph Lauren striped shirt and jacket combination, a personal favourite look from the shoot. 

Sporting my own pastel pink flamingo print shoes, in a city dominated with beautiful pastel colours everywhere you look, we couldnt not show off a pink shirt. Our Ralph Lauren pink shirt gives you the chance to fit in with these warm tones for summer 2019. 

Man in pink Ralph Lauren shirt

Taco fuelled, sun-drenched and wowed by the non-stop fascinating art-deco architecture, a photographers dream. We captured stunning locations that highlighted our collection of ambitious but excellent prints, cool shorts and eye-catching sunglasses. 

With Londons own video wizard Marcus Hessenberg conjuring up our On The Road” campaign video, we shared a vision that Miami provided the perfect aesthetic to flaunt our finest eye-catching summer looks. You can see the video below! 

With special shoutouts going to air conditioning, American fridge freezers, the good people of Miami for creating the best guacamole Ive ever tried and most importantly: my Mum for letting me use her suitcase! I really hope you enjoy flaunting our favourite summer On The Road’ campaign clothes as much as we all enjoyed shooting this campaign.  


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