Why Oversized Clothing Is The Biggest Trend You Need To Follow

Written by Marc | 24/07/2019


How To

You can forget about spray-on jeans and muscle hugging t-shirts. Hip-hop fashion has won this season’s latest trend and over-sized clothing is the next biggest thing – literally. Think Kayne West’s chunky hoodies for casual wear, Virgil Abloh’s wide-angled suits for formal.

Oversized clothing is nothing new, and if you carry this look off well you will be oozing 80’s fashion vibes. This trend is flattering, comfortable but difficult to achieve. How can you wear oversized clothes without looking like you don’t know your size? Here we go through all your large clothing how-tos and why you need to give this year’s biggest fashion trend a go.

Can’t I just wear clothes in a bigger size?

No! I know what you’re thinking. What’s so hard about this? I’ll just by an XXL t-shirt rather than my usual medium. Well sorry everyone, but it’s not that easy. If you just buy clothes that are too big for you then it won’t look intentional, they will just look silly.

I know this rule seems counterintuitive, but you will look like a schoolboy whose mother is waiting for him to grow into his uniform if you just buy randomly. You need to shop for clothes that are specifically designed to be oversized. Oversized pieces provide the additional cut you need to look like the larger size is on purpose and stops things looking accidental.

Four Calvin Klein jumpers lying on a grey background

Pick A Statement Piece

Not every item you’re wearing should feel like pyjamas (unfortunately) and it’s important to balance the oversized outfit out with a few slimmer pieces that actually fit. Think over-sized jumper paired with skinny jeans, or billowing trousers with a tailored shirt. Don’t go all baggy unless you want to look like you’re on your way to bed.

Use Your Oversized Pieces to Layer

We’re a big fan of layering here, and this is a perfect technique if you want to go for a softer approach. The bonus to oversized clothing is that it’s easy to layer on top of a normal-sized piece. Not sure what to wear? Just throw on a normal t-shirt and then layer with an oversized hoodie, shirt, jacket or coat. Easy peasy.

A young man is looking beyond the camera. He is wearing a blue k-way rain jacket, a red bucket hat and a black K-Way logo tshirt

Stay Neutral with The Colours

Our last rule is one you could break if you’re feeling extra brave, but for everyone else, we recommend you stick to neutral colours when it comes to picking your oversized piece. Whether you go for an oversized coat, trouser, t-shirt or jumper, the statement with this outfit is the size, so you don’t need to make another statement with the colour. Subtle hues like white, grey and navy will leave you looking sophisticated yet casual.

A C.P Company Hoodies


Final Words

So what are our main tips for wearing oversized clothing?

  • Pick one part of your outfit to be oversized
  • Buy a piece that is actually designed to be big, not just normal clothing in a bigger size
  • Use your oversized pieces to layer when you’re not sure what to wear
  • Don’t go too bright with the colours

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