Introducing: Les Deux For Men

Written by Marc | 27/03/2019


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Prep boy Ivy League meets unpretentious street fashion with the newest brand available on Mainline Menswear: Les Deux. The Copenhagen-based brand was founded in 2009 by two friends, whose aim was to create a fashion label free of discrimination. From gender to politics, culture and religion – Les Deux is for everyone.

Man in window wearing Les Deux Shirt

The name Les Deux relates to the fact that the company was built by two founders. A refugee from Congo and a Scandi boy from the suburbs. These two mindsets have created a unique brand that brings together the best of both worlds.

Man stood wearing Les Deux blue striped shirt

Our collection of Les Deux for men boasts a sportswear vibe with hints of streetwear to create some truly stylish outfits. Shop online with Mainline Menswear today for our fashion-forward Les Deux range.


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