How to wear Jeans to the office

Written by Bronwen | 05/08/2019


How To

A lot of modern offices have become lenient on the dress code, offering more than just ‘casual Fridays’. Jeans are now considered acceptable to wear in the office Monday-Friday.

However, this doesn’t mean you have full freedom to dress how you would on a weekend. We’ll show you exactly how to wear jeans in the office whilst still looking professional. Call it business casual menswear if you like…

Dark denim

Maintain a polished appearance in the workplace by opting for dark wash denim. They look pretty similar to dark-coloured trousers, which are easy to pair with most colour palettes in your wardrobe. You can play it extra safe by matching it with a button-up shirt or even going for a t-shirt. Just make sure your tees and shirts are subdued and plain to maintain that professional appearance.

A man wearing black Levis jeans, jacket and t-shirt. He is also wearing white trainers that stand out against the black clothing.


Skinny jeans

When styled well, skinny jeans can be a fashion-forward addition to your work wardrobe. Wear it with a shirt and blazer for the perfect smart-casual work attire or a smart jumper when it’s cold if you’d like to be more casual.

A man standing next to a white washed wall. He is wearing a stripey jumper from Hugo and some dark Hugo jeans, matched with black Hugo brogues.

Black jeans

Probably the most obvious and popular option is a simple pair of black jeans. They look discreet enough to pull off as smart trousers.

Don’t wear distressed denim. I repeat: do NOT wear distressed denim. It looks great for casual wear but is not smart enough for work. So keep those knees covered.

Just like blue denim may be considered too casual for the office, distressed denim is a definite no-go for most offices. Save those for the weekend.

A man wearing black Levis jeans, a white t-shirt and a blue Levis denim jacket.

Belt It

Using the right accessories can make your outfit look classier. Pairing a sleek leather belt with your choice of jeans will pull the entire look together – especially a black belt.

Three Anderson belts in brown black and blue. They are rolled neatly side by side on a white background.

Hopefully, this has helped in your search on how to dress a little more comfortable in the office, whilst still maintaining a professional image. If you need some advice on how to wear a denim jacket (to the office or otherwise), take a look at our recent blog post.


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