Covered From All Angles – Behind The Scenes

Written by Marc | 04/11/2020



A new season means a new campaign, and this year one location just didn’t seem enough. We had to make up for 2020 somehow, so four locations, three models and a dodgy weather forecast became the perfect mix for to make things big for AW20.

Our first destination was in throwing distance of Piccadilly train station. I had not one, but two breakfast sandwiches (crazy I know) and was ready to start the day with the first scene, which featured model Tom Walker and a very cool looking car that I was told under no circumstances was I to go near, breakfast sandwich or no.

We then packed up, and drove 20 mins to some (conveniently Mainline blue) shipping containers in which the model Joshua Jason busted out some dance moves; accompanied some camera trickery to achieve those special effects that you see in the video. Meanwhile I had my third sandwich.

The last sandwich/shoot location was Mancunian bridge in Manchester. The slick skyline was perfect for showcasing Emporio Armani’s sleep AW20 collection.

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