The Best Gifts For Brothers

Written by Marc | 29/10/2020




It’s time to put that sibling rivalry to bed (for now) and settle things with our great gifts for brothers. From serious fights over the TV remote to telling mum that it was you who broke that window (thanks, bro) brothers can be a serious pain. Yet we love them all the same. From your brother’s birthday to Christmas presents for brothers, here are our top picks for gift ideas when it comes to treating your brother.

Obviously, our gifts are going to be style themed seem as that’s what we’re the experts on. But if your brother is anything like mine, then he’s probably still wearing whatever your mum picked out years ago and that Christmas jumper from nan. So, help him out! Designer clothes, accessories and trainers are perfect gifts for brothers who have been wearing the same pair of scruffy jeans since you were teenagers.

Smart Shirts

This is the gift that he’ll never get for himself but will one day definitely need. If you pick this present then you’re the thoughtful kind of sibling; organised, practical and with excellent taste. Get brothers a designer shirt this year to help them finally nail that job interview and get off your parent’s couch.

A white and black shirt for men by A|X

The Latest Pair of Trainers

Forget practical. You’re the cool sibling, up to date with the latest trends and ready to spoil your brother. The latest pair of designer trainers is an excellent present he’s bound to love. From Nike to Adidas. These will be the new silhouettes he wears for everything.

a bright pair of green, black and orange adidas trainers

Fun T-Shirts

Remember the days where you really wanted THE newest designer shirt, but your Mum refused and got you a knock-off version instead? Yea, we get it mum, but now it’s time to let your brother be the cool kid with the designer brands. Billionaire Boys Club, Superdry and Levis all have a range of fun, stylish and statement-making t-shirts.

A 90s styled Nike t shirt

A Gift Card

Still not sure what to get your brother? If they’re picky, difficult or maybe just really like their own unique style, then a gift card is the way to go. Is it lazy? I mean… Yes. But he’s happy. You’re happy. A gift card is an easy way out for when you’re really not sure what to get.

an armani Exchange wallet


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